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UPDATES:: Adding a links to the latest models:
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06/04/2018 - Charnel Hound
05/27/2018 - Greater Cadaver Collector
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03/27/2018 - Misc Human Male PCs (part 1 & 2)
01/27/2018 - Mashaaf / Great Worm / Old One
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12/30/2017 - Various Undead
12/28/2017 - Sea monsters, bugbears, gnolls.
03/02/15 - Colossal Skeletal Dragon

I have an old mini painting thread around here somewhere.. but there was not a lot in it. Since I recently received my Reaper's Bones Kickstarter set, I thought I would start a new one.

July 3rd: Received big box of bones (the ones down front are one that needed some hot/cold re-positioning):
014 (Large) (Small).JPG

July 4th: Kids demand to paint, wife joins in. I pull out the zombie hunters and space marines, as I'm not likely to use them anytime soon, they are happy campers. A quick lesson in painting and basing, and ... (front row: 10 & 13 yr old daughters, middle: wife & 16 yr old son, back: mine):
024 (Small).JPG

Not bad for their first attempts, and my first painting in couple of years.

Working on some townsfolk next, to get better warmed up. More to come!
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Okay, since I restarted this thread in the correct forum, I've had a week to work on painting. Below is the first stretch. Trying to get back into the swing of things, so I started with the townsfolk. I have not decided completely on basing yet. Many of the RBs (Reaper Bones) have decent, close to standard size bases, so I am contemplating leaving them on -- especially if I am doing special basing. So, for the townsfolk, I did a combination of new bases, existing bases, and special bases. I am still working on my camera techniques as well, so please forgive some of the lighting.

Question: Would it be better to show the minis further away, as to not show every mistake -- or show them close up?

Okay, enough of that, first up: simple folk with Reaper broccoli bases:

023 (Medium).JPG024 (Medium).JPG021 (Medium).JPG022 (Medium).JPG019 (Medium).JPG020 (Medium).JPG016 (Medium).JPG017 (Medium).JPG


More townsfolk: The bar maid I re-based and added greenstuff floor boards. For the grave digger and the pitchfork guy, I tried to use some light & dark washes to highlight the Point Of Light feature. "Nodwick" was an a test of patience and color options. I tried to keep my colors somewhat "period", but it limits the palette somewhat to a lot of dull brownish colors.

030 (Medium).JPG031 (Medium).JPG034 (Medium).JPG036 (Medium).JPG040 (Medium).JPG056 (Medium).JPG057 (Medium).JPG058 (Medium).JPG059 (Medium).JPG060 (Medium).JPG042 (Medium).JPG043 (Medium).JPG044 (Medium).JPG045 (Medium).JPG


I bought a bunch of those minis last year, because the hobby store had them on sale. Always fun to see how other people paint minis.
Very well done! Thanks for the pics. (maybe trim off some of the top and bottom?


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That bartender paint job is amazing. Thanks for sharing, I just broke my leg, so I think I will have plenty of time to start painting mine.


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I got a bunch of Bones myself. I started blogging about the painting of them. I don't know if I'll keep up with it, but if anyone is interested, the blog is DoctorStrangeRoll. The first blog post in which I actually go through the painting of a Bones mini is here.


Dungeon Dressing

A little behind (already) with kids at camps, VBS, and one sick at home..

Now some dungeon elements ...
035 (Medium).JPG037 (Medium).JPG040 (Medium).JPG041 (Medium).JPG042 (Medium).JPG043 (Medium).JPG044 (Medium).JPG045 (Medium).JPG047 (Medium).JPG
Still need to work on my lighting for the pictures..

I added some tacky glue to the fountain to give a water-filled look.



Okay, my first group of "heroes" is up. I tried using some primer ("Board to Pieces" white spray primer). The bones are a little "slick" without the primer -- if the paint is thin at all, it would go on more like a wash; so I thought I would try primer. The first coat of paint went on better, but after looking at the close up pictures, the primer left them a bit grainy. Not sure, but I think I will go back to not using primer (after I paint the dozen I've already primed). Continuing to play with basing.

018 (Medium).JPG017 (Medium).JPG013 (Medium).JPG011 (Medium).JPG009 (Medium).JPG006 (Medium).JPG005 (Medium).JPG003 (Medium).JPG002 (Medium).JPG


Looking good.

It might just be the picture but I'm not seeing a wash on these miniatures. I'm not an amazing miniature painting artist, and I was self taught. So if this sounds dumb, just ignore this post.
I usually paint a base coat (darker colors than the finished colors you want), then I use a watered down black paint wash (to bring out the detail, Very important!) use your brush to apply the wash and soak it up if you put too much on, followed by a dry brush of the colors I want (this step is when I paint in all the details and give it color, use your finest brushes if need be). The results are great! And its easy and quick to do.
As for eyes, I hate eyes but they will make/break a miniature. Try filling the whole eye with black. Then run a off-white line across the eye (----). Then run your brush with black paint perpendicular to that white line in the middle, essentially making a cross with the two colors. (--I--). The results is a black eye ball in the center of a white eye. Its not great and there are better more challenging ways to do an eye, but it works good enough.

I hope that helps and good luck painting.

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