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Mashaaf / Great Worm / Old One
(The base was a little clunky, so I re-based to a plain 4" disc.)

2018-01-27-great-worm (1).JPG
2018-01-27-great-worm (2).JPG
2018-01-27-great-worm (3).JPG
2018-01-27-great-worm (4).JPG

Arial view for scale:
2018-01-27-great-worm (5).JPG

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I decided to try painting a large group of minis at once... so I have not been ale to post any "finished" minis. I am working on a about 30 human/elf male figures... light or no armor mostly (I did the armored group above). Here is the progress so far:

Basic color scheme of main clothing:

Colors mostly blocked in, and blackwash complete:

What do you mean? On the armor or the entire figure? What kind of wash are you using?

Usually the entire figure (sans head) with a watered down black paint. I like the look it gives, not just the details it can bring out, but also the general worn/dirty adventuring look. I usually wait until I am done with the mini , then blackwash, then go back and add highlights/touch ups/dry brush/etc. For this batch, I did the wash before I was really done, to see if it saved me time on touch ups (where the wash was too dark).

As always, a work in progress (my skills that is). :)

A Tiefling commission for a friend. It was a 3D printed model, and a little grainy in texture. I need to ask him where it was done. Anyway, it was part of the group I started above, but needed to finish it up for him.

[Sorry, from my phone.. always gets auto-rotated somewhere and I can't seem to fix after posting]


Good job on that considering the quality of the mini. I'm not sure if I would have even attempted to paint a miniature that "grainy."

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