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post away liquidfilth

and anyone else. i look at everything. i wish I had time to do it all but i can never guarantee anything.

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First Post

One of the newest requests but i couldn't resist a fat toad dragon.


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The Laughing One
This stuff is getting better and better! You might want to update the gallery on your site with some of these drawings. These look a lot 'cleaner' (maybe the wrong word for it) then the images that are up there now. You also might want to keep the white background instead of making it black (the black background influences the picture greatly and imho in a negative way)...


Hound of Darkwatch

Among the moors that run between the Ridgewood and the Fens roam the fearsome creatures known as the Hounds of Darkwatch. Their origins unknown, they are so named for the tower Darkwatch which sits upon the ridge overlooking the moors and the forest road.

Nearly 6 feet tall at the shoulder, the muscular greyish-black Hound resembles a giant mastiff made up of rotting leaves, vegetation, brush, mud, sticks, and peat. A strange combination of undeath and construct, its eyes glow with an eerie algae green and its razor sharp fangs drip with a thick sap-like venom. Its paws are more like a cat's than a dogs, and its retractable claws are deadly. It has but a stub for a tail.

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