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[Mob United Media] OGL: The Arcane Duelist on sale at RPGNow



Straddling the world between the training grounds of the professional soldier and the secluded schools of the spellcaster, the Arcane Duelist is spell-wielding warrior. An arcane duelist is too free-spirited or multitalented to study martial discipline or magical training exclusively. Instead, he combines elements of both to deadly effect.

An arcane duelist is ready for almost anything he encounters. His combination of mundane might and magical techniques makes him a formidable opponent. An arcane duelist excels at protecting himself from magical attack while he assaults his opponent with spells and steel. The seven page supplement shows you how members of the class combine wands and swords like no other!

OGL: The Arcane Duelist is David Caffee's first contribution to Mob United Media's Frontline core class series. Frontline core classes always use the best Base Attack Bonus and are tough enough to stand beside your party's other other warriors. Check out this class' counterparts in The Warbard and The Fighting Priest.

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