Modiphius Launches 'Roll vs Evil' Project to Help Fight Real World Evils

RollvsEvil is a non-profit created by Modiphius' Chris and Rita Birch to help the tabletop gaming community help in the fight against real world evils with medical aid, humanitarian support, education, and more.

Their first campaign is to support those affected by the invasion of Ukraine. You can donate over on the group's JustGiving page.

On March 25th at 8PM EDT, Roll20 will be streaming a charity event to celebrate RollVsEvil's launch. Other tabletop gaming companies are listed on the website, including Mantic Games, Steve Jackson Games, Gama, Cubicle 7, Roll 20, UK Games Expo, Steamforged Games, R Talsorian Games, Chaosium, Titan Forge, Q-Workshop, Paizo, Mythic Games, Magpie Games, Green Ronin, Para Bellum, and more.



All you need to do is “‘Just play a game” online or in-person this Saturday, March 26. Why don’t you drop a few dollars on the table for playing, a few dollars to re-roll the dice, or draw another card! It’s up to you – keep it fun and simple.

One member of the group should collect the money and pay it into our Just Giving page. If you’re all remote, don’t worry! Play online with Roll20! Use code VJMNX-R911F-G1EWY on the Roll20 Marketplace to unlock some free bonus content for your games. This code is active until April 26th.

And don’t worry, if you can’t play this Saturday, just play a game on any day that works and join in when you can. There’s always someone who could use help and we will have many more events. RollVsEvil aims to do its best to support as many people as we can.
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Great idea, especially for a fantasy game.

Pray to the gods and get a re-roll. Plus, donate to a real life charity.

Has anyone done this before? It seems so obvious a good cause now.


The name makes me think of the movie "Tucker and Dale vs Evil", hope the actual efforts turn out better than that movie's did...

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