(Mongoose is Hiring) Games Industry Jobs Can Pay Well Too


Consider joining the Mongoose team full-time - we believe we can offer you a lot more than any similar position in any tabletop company, and a better deal than many higher positions.

At Mongoose, we believe in supporting our staff, both in and out of the workplace as we help shape each other's future. If you work for us in a full-time position, you will receive the following:

  • Our current base salaries are UK industry standard (£26-28k), but we have powerful bonuses that directly reflect company performance. Over the past twelve months, every Mongoose staffer has earned in excess of £50,000.
  • They say there is no such thing as a free lunch. At Mongoose, there is, literally. You will receive a home-cooked meal every day. Also, the fridges at Mongoose are always stocked with free drinks and snacks. There is a full kitchen, with oven, microwave, hobs, toaster, tea and coffee and a slushy machine.
  • We will give you a company car. If you do not have a driving licence, we will pay for your lessons and test, and then give you a company car.
  • We will fund your further education. One member of staff is currently taking film-making courses, and another is about to start their Masters, which Mongoose is paying for.
  • There are regular company trips. We book out an entire theatre at a cinema to watch the latest blockbuster, and last summer we went behind the scenes at the local wildlife park to feed our favourite animals and scratch their fluffy heads.
  • We are moving towards employee-ownership. If you decide to stay with us, you will end up owning your own games company.
  • Staff have full and transparent access to the business accounts. They are trained to decide how to best manage company profits, including setting their own bonuses.
  • You will define your own schedule and decide which projects you work on. If you have a passion for your own specific project and can demonstrate it is viable, you will have Mongoose's full support in creating it. You will have a huge measure of control over your working life.
  • We believe in a (very) healthy work/life balance. You will have the option to put in more hours if you want to finish your passion project, but you will almost never be asked to do so.
  • Work with great freelancers who are paid immediately.
  • If you need help building investments or buying a house, we will bring in a financial advisor to help you. If you do not currently own your own home, we will work to help get you into your first house.
  • Our office has a dozen gaming tables with painted scenery, a PS5 and an X-Box Series X tied to an 80" screen, all for your use.
  • We play games, including our own, in the office during work-hours. We believe if you make games, you need to play them.
  • You will have a discount on all Mongoose products. That discount is 100%.

At this time, we have open positions for a Layout Artist and a Brand Manager, for which we would invite you to send your CV and covering letter (and portfolio, for the Layout Artist) to msprange@mongoosepublishing.com

If these roles are not for you, you would be welcome to send a CV and covering letter in anyway so you can get onto our radar for future positions.

There is every chance that this is indeed the job and company you have been looking for. Drop us a line.

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Apologies for the thread necromancy, but this is connected and it did not seem proper to do a new thread...

Our friends at Dice in Mind have just posted a podcast interview where we go into what is happening behind the scenes at Mongoose and how/why we are doing this.


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