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PF2E Monster Arena Ultimate League Preseason! (Pathfinder 2E Monster Fighting Sim)

Jason Bulmahn

The Monster Arena Ultimate League is underway!
MAUL Logo.png

M.A.U.L. is a Pathfinder 2E fighting simulation in an arena on Twitch! In the featherweight league, each band is made up from 160xp worth of monsters (compared against a level 1 team). All matches air live on twitch but are reposted on YouTube!

Preseason Match 1: The Killer Kobolds vs The Ogre Brothers (kobolds vs ogres)
Preseason Match 2: The Doom Dwarves vs The Bone Breakers (duergar vs skeletons)

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I enjoyed it... but the color of the arena kept making me think it was supposed to be ice and everyone should be slipping and falling all over the place.


Just watched my first one - thanks for linking Jason! That was fun. I was rooting for the Drow!

When watching, I thought a neat, alternate VTT would possibly be super cool for this particular play style: Tailspire

I'm not affiliated in anyway, save for backing the Kickstarter, but it strikes me as a fun visual instead of the standard top-down Roll20 (or traditional VTT apps).



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