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Monsters of the Dungeon: An Interview With Andrew Cawood (Cawood Publishing)

Need another book of fantasy monsters? Cawood Publishing has a new collection of creatures for you

Need another book of fantasy monsters? If the answer is yes, Cawood Publishing has a new collection of creatures for you: Monsters of the Dungeon. This book’s theme builds on dungeon encounters with supporting magic items and encounter tables. EN World’s Beth Rimmels connected Andrew Cawood and I to discuss the campaign, the other books in the series, and what’s next for his publishing house.

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EGG EMBRY (EGG): You’re back on Kickstarter with a new book, what is Monsters of the Dungeon?
: We head back to the heart of the game! This time there are 100-120 new creatures in 7 types of dungeons, 20+ magic items, 300+ quest ideas, and stretch goals for a traps section, dungeon maps, and more. Like all of our monster books, it is really a campaign book as well. All fully illustrated and in color, print and PDF versions.

EGG: What kind of monsters are you creating? What makes a monster a dungeon monster?
: We’ll have a ton of variety. Dungeon monsters include aberrations, undead, constructs, oozes, fiends, fey, and others. Anything that could live there or find its way inside. We’ll have many creatures that can blend into the dungeon environment.

EGG: The book offers seven types of dungeons in which these monsters dwell with quest ideas and encounter tables. There are magic items as well. Do you have a favorite combination of magic item, location, and monster?
: I really like using undead creatures, mostly because I love to see players defeat them. So the darkest dungeon, the “Tomb Dungeons” chapter, with a weapon that could be used against undead would be my favorite.

EGG: This is for 5e but also compatible with other systems, yes? What other gaming engines are you supporting?
: Yes, we’ll make some conversion tables for OSR and Pathfinder Second Edition games. We’re trying to make our products for as many RPGs as possible now.

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EGG: This is the sixth book in your Monsters series, correct? What’s come before this volume?
: Yes, over 500 monsters so far: Monsters of Feyland, Monsters of Feyland 2, Monsters of the Underworld, Monsters of the City, and Monsters of the Wilderness.

EGG: With the new 5e variants out and coming out (Advanced Fifth Edition, Tales of the Valiant, C7d20), do you plan to offer additional support for those systems in future books?
: No, we’ll focus on making products that can be used for any RPG.

EGG: Who is working on this project with you?
: The team is back together again. Travis Hanson has done every illustration in the books and Gordon McAlpin is back to do the graphic design.

EGG: Art, especially AI artwork, is an important topic in tabletop gaming right now. Is any of the artwork in this book AI generated? Does Cawood Publishing have a stance on AI art?
: No, we won’t use any AI art.

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EGG: Beyond this project, what else are you working on?
: We’ll update our World of Myrr setting this fall with a book that contains all nine continents and we’ll start publishing more adventures soon. There is also another series of Game Master handbooks in the works, with Travis Hanson returning to do the art.

EGG: Thanks for talking with me. Where can fans learn more about your project and keep up with you online?
: Thanks Egg, you’re welcome. Our main website is [World of Myrr], Twitter, Instagram, Discord@CawoodPublishing, Facebook.

Monsters of the Dungeon for 5th Edition and other RPGs from Cawood Publishing
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Egg Embry

Egg Embry


Cawood products have been nothing short of brilliant. Classic, heroic adventures await anyone that uses their books. We at JNJtabletop fully recommend them to anyone (new players and seasoned veterans) that wants to bring a wonderfully unique element into their games. Many D&D players are familiar with things like hitting a troll with fire or acid. These books flip that familiarity on its head and the game becomes brand new and exciting all over again!


Great interview! Cawood Publishing Monsters series are the best books about Monsters for TTRPG games, I already own all previous books and I'm all in on this new project! Can't wait to see all the new monsters and surprise my players again!!!!

These look fantastic. I could only find the Fey one though for Fantasy Grounds. Is Monster of the City going to be done?
We looking at doing the other books with Shard right now. Good chance a free reward for a Shard version will come with this Kickstarter, for every backer. Will announce it today

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