Monte Cook Games Launches Open Cypher System License

Licenses for third party publishers are fairly common these days -- the Open Gaming License was created by D&D owners WotC over 20 years ago, and has been used to create tens of thousands of third party products for the game, along with major variants such as the Pathfinder RPG. Other game systems also used that OGL (including our own Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition!) and issued compatibility logo licenses and similar ways to make it easy for third parties to support the system. The general wisdom is that robust support for a game contributes to its success.


Monte Cook Games' Cypher System was created to power Numenera about 10 years ago. Since then, it has been the engine behind numerous games such as The Strange, or MCG's recent Old Gods of Appalachia game.

The company has just announced an Open License for the Cypher System, which will be released this summer. Much like the OGL and other similar licenses, it allows third parties to create content which is fully compatible with the Cypher System. Like the OGL, it comes with a System Reference Document which includes the rules content from the game and outlines what can be used under the license.

There's also a handful of third party products already announced -- Mystery Flesh Pit National Park (coms horror as a park ranger), GM Roulette (a fast game where everybody gets a turn in the GM seat), and Blood & Chrome (cyberpunk game with a d20 Modern style cover).

There’s already a Cypher System Creator Program hosted by DriveThruRPG (basically the same sort of set up as WotC’s DMs Guild). This new license will expand the ways in which theirs parties can utilise the Cypher rules.

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I crit!
I missed the news thread. Will delete in a bit.


Neat. I actually don't like Cypher much, but I think it's awesome that people will be able to legally stomp around in that rules patch.
Agreed. Monte is incredibly imaginative with settings and ideas and that's the part for which I would love to be able to make my own publishable material. That said, I am glad the people who like Cypher system can do so with their material.


Well, that was fun
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Well that’s weird. My article on the front page has been replaced by a post from @darjr. Some strange software shenanigans. I think I need to de-article it.

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