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The Class E Starport guide is a Referee resource for the Cepheus Engine RPG and classic 2d6 Science Fiction roleplaying game in the Otdalennyy Subsector (though it should be easily placed anywhere you like)

It contains the following:

  • Introduction on how to use this book.
  • The Otdalenny Subsector
  • Standard Class E Starport Certification Requirments
  • Design and specifications for Starport Vehicles
  • The layout and facilities for a 'certified' E Class Starport
  • System and World Maps for 4 systems.
  • Location Maps for Key Locations
  • Adventure Plot Hooks in the the systems for Referees.
  • Original deck plans for ships to be encountered. (7 in total)

Tim Price was responsible for the famous article 'Happy Landings' in White Dwarf 43

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