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Quick Ship File: Strela Class Scout - Moon Toad Publishing |

Small scout vessels are a common vessel though out known space, the Strela is just one example. Massing only a hundred tons, this is constructed and designed exclusively by Kaplan Industries.

One unusual feature of this class of ship, compared to other designs, are the two modular equipment bays. These allow the ship to be reconfigured easily to perform different roles and missions.

This QSF contains specs, deckplans and some detail on the Strela 'Arrow' Class Scout.
Designed for the Cepheus Engine, but could be used in just about any scifi game.
Also included is two A3 sized pieces of art from the book.

Also included are seperate files so you can print the deckplans out to bigger scales.

As a bonus we have included RollD20 Assets as one zip file


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