D&D (2024) More Dragon Redesign Clues


I was looking at the previews of the 2024 DMG over at D&D Beyond here: 2024 DMG, and I noticed what looks like Tiamat with the new chromatic dragon designs. You have a good look at the red and blue, a partial look at the black, white's neck, and tip of the snout of the green. Here are my quick thoughts:
  • Red is pretty much what we thought. Double horn is new standard (unlike the Drizzt art book). I like it, but liked the old one too.
  • Blue is also different than the Drizzt art book. I would like to see another artist take on it. Right now I am not to fond of loosing the iconic (IMO) blues ears/fins. Overall it seems to have lost some character.
  • Green. Not enough to go on.
  • Black. This also appears to be different than the Drizzt art book. The horns and head seem different, but it is hard to tell and it could be artist stylistic differences.
  • White. Not a lot to go one, but it appears to have fur! That would be a change from anything we have seen before. Not sure how I feel about that. I've often pondering doing something similar, but for my own world, not as the baseline D&D white. I don't know what to think yet.
Anyway, what do you think?

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The full piece was shown in a video


Another of the Black Dragon

Beyond also has what looks like a closer look at the Green Dragon much more snake like

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Thank you for adding these! This seems to confirm that the Drizzt art book revisions did not stick for the 2024 updates. Green is much different as is the white. Red, black, and blue could be mistaken for either, but I think they are definitely different.

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