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Homebrew Morrus' Character Creation Walkthrough (as a booklet) 1.1

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Ahks submitted a new resource:

Morrus' Character Creation Walkthrough (as a booklet) - LU character creation walkthrough booklet

Source Level Up (A5E) - Character Creation Walkthrough
Thanks Russ :)

I wanted an quick way to reference Morrus' walkthrough that I could also share with players so I copied the thread and formatted it as a booklet. I seem to recall a few grammar edits for US English too ;)

Paper size: US Letter
Print duplex and make sure the print is set to "flip on short edge" then fold in half.

My print...

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Great work! I found a typo (which is in the original thread as well) :) - in one of the example blocks on page 6, “dethrones” should be “dethroned”.

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