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Morrus Talks WOIN On Radio

I was interviewed on the Shane Plays radio show. You can find an extended (40 minute) version of the segment where I talk about WOIN; that 40 minutes is just part of the epic two-hour interview I ended up doing, which covered EN World, the ENnies, and a wide range of topics. It was great fun to do. I'm not sure when the other segments get released, but keep an eye on Shane Plays and I'm sure they'll turn up!

Russ Morrissey



Shane "Shane Plays" Stacks
I very much enjoyed talking with Russ about WOIN!

And yes the other portion where we talked about the history of EN World and the Ennies is coming in the next few days. Keep an eye on http://shaneplays.com and [MENTION=5597]Shane[/MENTION]Plays twitter.