Movies (or other media) that changed your life?


Literature, the human experience - 4th edition, edited by Abcarian and Klotz. The anthology from my senior year of high school English class. I had liked a few poems before, but this had some that showed me something new and made me like poetry. Including the poem I used to tell my future wife I loved her for the first time. My introduction to Omelas, Repent Harlequin, and many other classic short stories that have stuck with me.
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The Rocky Horror Picture show is such a cultural touchstone for so many. Even places that didn't have showings, you could find it in VHS rental shops. And it was this weirdness beamed right into your home, that for many was a lifeline.

There's actually a 2016 documentary film called Rocky Horror Saved My Life, about how people active in the national convention scene got into Rocky Horror and what it means to them, filmed and produced by a couple of fans who've been really active in the scene for decades. I've met them a couple of times.


the "Die unendliche Geschichte" (Neverending Story) , and i mean the book!
I read the book when I was 8 and it opened my mind. The "fantastic" has taken on a new meaning for me. Two years later I started playing DnD (red box).. and till now (too much years later) i read the book every 4 year or so...



Not very original but seeing Star Wars, later called A New Hope, during the original theatrical release blew my mind. I couldn't get enough. I collected newspaper SW comics and SW card sets, asked for the Star Wars board game and action figures. It confirm in my mind that I wanted to have a creative profession when I grew up. It really changed my life path.

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