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Release Mutant Year Zero Russian Zone Compendium (in English)


Hey all!

We, as a Russian team Studio 101, published our first Mutant Year Zero Zone Compendium in English. language It is already playtested for a year within the Russian community, and hope you like writing and art! Zone Compendium “Marble Marshes” is an 85 pages supplement to “Mutant: Year Zero” that lays bare the secrets of the Ancients’ Northern Capital (inspired by Saint-Petersburg). Within this book, you will find four new special Sectors, tied up in a single storyline, a map of the Marble Marshes, new monsters, Ark projects, artefacts, and rules for forklift and battle car fights!

Marble Marshes - Free League Publishing | Free League Work Shop | Мутанты. Точка отсчёта | Studio 101 Games in English | DriveThruRPG.com

Hope for feedback, so we can adjust our upcoming releases!

STT01 Marble Marshes Pages 08-09.jpg

STT01 Marble Marshes Pages 28-29.jpg

STT01 Marble Marshes Pages 80-81.jpg

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