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Mutants and Masterminds essentials?


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The Mastermind's Manual is not just a fluff advice book about how to run a superhero game. It's that, but there are many, many great optional rules presented.

Instant Superheroes is a wonderful way to ween your fellow players onto the system.

Ultimate Power is a great way to create some more advanced characters. It's sort of a book to graduate to.

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Teflon Billy said:
I think that Ultimate Power "completes" the core rules. everything else is well-one, and pretty inspirational...but it's optional.

This is correct.

Ultimate Power is optional, but it is so much awesome that it SHOULD be required. :D


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Thanee said:
Mastermind's Manual for M&M is kinda like Unearthed Arcana for D&D.
That's very true, but it's UA for 3.5 (lots of options), not UA for1e (lots of broken stuff and some great illustrations of pole arms). :D


Let me add to the chorus of "Core + Ultimate Powers." Steve Kensen writes in Ultimate Powers that this is the way he wishes he had done the power rules the first time, and I agree. What you get with Powers is the core system for designing powers for M&M and then many, many examples of how this works. In the core rulebook, the power list is a combination of both.

In the M&M game I play in, we find ourselves referencing Powers every session. Once we got the basics of the M&M rules down, we honestly don't even need to reference the core books at all any more.



I've been playing M&M2E for quite a while and all I had is the core book. Now I plan on running a game, and Ultimate Power, Mastermind's Manual and Instant Superheroes are on their way. Also looking forward to picking up Paragons, the Heroes-like campaign setting.


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That's for 1E only, right? Is there a 2E book planned, or is that content included elsewhere now?

AFAIK, its still only a 1E book. Still, it makes for an effective guideline for your own gear designs or as a fakebook if you're pressed for time.

And, FWIW, I also liked Ultimate Powers. I just don't feel it to be as essential as a handy gear sourcebook that I'd be using almost every time.

Jim Hague

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Welcome to Mutants and Masterminds!

For those looking for a Device book, I humbly offer PZP's own The Vault of Dr. Mechaniaikal, linked down in my .sig. The semi-sequel book The Catacombs of Mistress Hecate is in final edits, and we're releasing the demo/adventure Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed... in the next couple of weeks. There's a free demo of the Doc's work, naturally; get theee to the .sig! :)

As for books - I can't recommend Ultimate Power and Instant Superheroes enough...except to recommend that you look into all of the amazingly good Superlink products out there! Ben's stuff is awesome, there's a new and nifty adventure from Adamant out, Blackwyrm Games has the critically-acclaimed Algernon files books...it goes on and on.

So welcome - you've snagged a game that's much beloved and damned well supported. :D


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Thanee said:
Mastermind's Manual for M&M is kinda like Unearthed Arcana for D&D.

While most people do tend to focus on the optional rules in Mastermind's Manual there is a lot of nice info in the Gamermastering chapter. Things like expansion information for Environment and Environmental Hazards not covered in M&M, a nice table for handling Trials, and some useful information on adventures and society.

Ben Robbins

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Harmon said:
Hint- Vespa & no drinking while reading Play Testers summaries. :D
Got it -- Best. Feedback. Ever. Coyote6's dry delivery was killing me:

"Generally, this scene was rather funny. The players had fun smashing [killer robot] vending machines - Asphalt employed his kung fu to punch through one's "chest" and rip out its "heart" (a Diet Pepsi)."
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