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Mutants & Masterminds2ed-Military Vehicle conversions

Ben Robbins

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Fires of War from BlackWyrm Games includes a page of more detailed vehicle and weapon stats. It's WWII but it might be a useful starting point for you.

Edit: not sure how my post wound up above the original poster -- something screwy in the EN World code today?

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A thread that popped up on the Atomicthinktank board inspired me. Basically, it was a look at possibly statting up a more 'realistic' tank for M&M2ed. The rules do include one, but it's fairly simplistic. Ideal for a 4 colors game, but for a more 'realistic' game a bit lacking. In any case, since I just received my new Masterminds Manual, and as it had ways of converting from more 'traditional' HP systems to M&M systems, I thought I'd see if I could make some conversions from other D20 games that have attemped to stat out military vehicles.

Unfortunately, this has hit a snag. While I CAN get numbers doing it this way, other games scale way to differently to make this an effective way of doing things. Since the discussion has more or less petered out on the thinktank, I was wondering if anyone here has created more 'realistic' stats that are compatible with M&M2ed.

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