Kickstarter My 3rd party supplement for Old-School Essentials, Land of Mist is launching next month on December 12th, 2023.


Howdy! My 3rd party supplement for Old-School Essentials, Land of Mist is launching next month on 12/12/2023.
It contains a unique campaign world and player options inspired by the BECMI era, presented as a source guide which evokes the modules of that same period.

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Happy to provide further information or answer any questions.

Land of Mist is a campaign setting and 3rd party supplement for use with Old-School Essentials.
Inspired by classic tabletop fantasy worlds, it is a whimsical realm infused with magic and mystery.

Planned for the book are the following:
  • A Unique Campaign World, 9 Character Classes, and 7 Character Races.
  • Options to play Enlightened Monsters, Hedgewitch Spell Casters, and Lycanthropes.
  • Procedures for Underwater Adventuring, alternative Domain Management rules and an accompanying Mass Combat system.
  • Rules for Dragon Riding and seeking the path to Immortality.
  • Spell casting via Runes and summoning of Spirit Animals via Totems.
  • Protocols for designing Artifacts, new spells, monsters, and more!
New classes and races include:
  • Aquatic Elves - Elven inhabitants of the Coral Islands and the ocean below.
  • Beastfolk - Fishers and foragers related to orcs, trolls and ogres.
  • Desert Druids - Holy cleric scholars who seek truth and peace.
  • Fairies - Fey of the deep Wildwoods.
  • Foresters - Protectors of the woodlands.
  • Gremlins - Mischievous city dwelling demihumans.
  • Moon Drow - Illusory nocturnal spell casters.
  • Mystics - Transcendent martial arts warriors.
  • Rakes - Swashbuckling adventurers.
  • Bittles - Diminutive humans of the Lushglade rain forest.
  • Brutes - Robust prehistoric humans.

Website: Land of Mist

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If you are interested in reviewing or playtesting this content prior to release, please message me on Facebook or Discord with a link to your blog or other media to request a draft copy.


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