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Angry Bird

Hi everyones! I've worked really hard on this update of dndtools during the last year. I got tired of the interface which is getting old and arkalseif's search filters not working so there you go:
  • New fresh look for the interface
  • Switched the backend from Django to Drupal
  • Updated the database with everything from the arkalseif clone + even more added by hand during the building process
From time to time you'll see this site going into maintenance because I'm actively maintaining and updating its backend.
If you find any problem, inaccurate content or bug you can send me an email at contact@dndtools.one
Also, if you'd like to help in adding new content on the database, you can hit me up at the same email or in this thread!

I hope you'll enjoy it! :)

Here's the link: Home | D&D Tools

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