D&D 5E "My group uses Discord, Email, or some other form of chat to take care of in-game between-session logistics and/or role-playing." (a poll)

"My group uses asynchronous communication to take care of in-game btwn-session logistics/RPing."

  • True.

    Votes: 45 73.8%
  • False.

    Votes: 16 26.2%

We have a channel for session notes and sometimes there's a character update, but I would still rank that as "meta stuff", so my vote is on false (this applies not only to D&D, but basically all games except for the PbM campaign I'm playing with two old friends).

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Okay this has changed alot...

We made a closed hidden facebook group back during 4e. We have been useing text message groups since before that. When COvid made us go digital we went to Roll20 and the facebook group bearly gets used, we use that message board, and our group text. We have just recently started talking about a discord going forward.

Ask the players to each post just one sentence after the game in the form of a (truthful) rumor about the adventure they just had. The rule is that they can't post the same thing as someone else. If they do this, they get XP equal to 10% of what they need to level up. (Or some other amount that will move the needle.)
dude that is amazing... I would expand it into it has to be BASED on the truth but can be missleading, and that could be fun. I may steal this

  • A shared folder is used to store maps, character sheets (in case someone forgot his own), and player-written in-character recaps. Players are encouraged to write them but I don't provide mechanical incentive. I try to tie that into the campaign structure. If they work for a patron, they have to submit expanse reports and a recap of their actions. Doing them tends to make their patron happy so he's more forthcoming with help sometimes (so there is a hidden award...) in the form of answers to their mail. That's a yes to the poll.
  • A chat channel is used for planning in-between sessions. It's not really roleplay as it's not strictly in-character but it's "what do we do next?" and is expressed from the PoV of the characters. It helps me to know that they want to do next session before the beginning of said session. When playing, I also try to use it to inform the GM in that manner... I'd say it's semi in-game so I wouldn't have said yes on the basis on that only. There is some theorizing taking place which is eminently useful as a GM (when the player have cooler ideas that mine on what is going on in an adventure and I loot their idea).
  • Treasure sharing and acquisition of goods is usually done through this, as it avoid the tedious shopping if I don't have an adventure to intertwine in that. So, basically, players ask, I say OK/No/let's play that next session depending on what is asked. It's in-game logistics but not done in-character, so I guess it would be a no.
Overall, I voted yes.


One group uses discord for minor discussions such as splitting loot or trading around items along a bit of character discussion.

The group I run uses Obsidianportal.com* which has wiki and forum. We discuss characters, I post session summaries and maintain world info. We also have meta-game discussions about optional rules and so on. Occasionally I'll also use one of those free polling sites to get feedback or decide campaign direction.

*there are likely better options out there, but I've used it for a long time and have a lot of history.

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