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My latest Dungeon Tiles storage solution


I've recently been cleaning up (and cleaning out) my collection of gaming paraphernalia, trying to get things organized. One of my goals was to find a storage solution for my Dungeon Tiles that would keep them both handy and portable. I was poking around OfficeMax today for ideas, and I spotted these:

InFile Hanging Storage Case (link removed; looks like this product is no more)

I remembered that I had a portable filing box sitting mostly unused, and figured that there was a solution here. So... I bought a bunch of cases.

I punched all the tiles (yes, they were sitting unpunched on my shelf) and started sorting them by size into separate cases. Trial and error showed that you can stack tiles about 7-8 tall and still have the cases close securely. The hinges on the cases are not that strong; they popped out of the sides on one case while I was packing it. I think a little superglue would remedy this, though.



Then, I placed them in the file box. This is an OfficeMax brand file tote; it can fit eight of the hanging cases with a little room left over. I was able to fit all of the tile sets released to date in this one tote, with some space left to add a set or two more. File totes like these come in all kinds of sizes, so one could fit more or less, depending.


Voila! Packed up and ready to go.


The total cost of this solution is probably around $55. The hanging cases were $5 apiece, and the tote about $14 or so. I just lumped tiles together by size, but you could probably sort them thematically, too. And, of course, you could use these for any company's tiles/counters/maps/whatever.

Anyway, just thought I would share. This seemed about the best solution I could find. Not to mention, it cleared space on my shelves for more D&D books. :)

(I'm not sure if any other companies make these hanging cases. If someone knows of similar products, please speak up.)
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Beats my solution.

I've got a gallon ziploc baggie for cavern pieces, a gallon ziploc baggie for city/sewer pieces, and several baggies and boxes for regular dungeon tiles sorted mostly by size, though I do for example have a baggie that's just doors...

I thought Office Max went out of business?


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Nice. I just have them scattered into four small boxes, seperated by size, roughly. Takes forever to find something. :lol:



I thought Office Max went out of business?
OfficeMax has neither gone out of business nor filed bankruptcy. I know because I work for them. :)

You're maybe thinking of Office Depot, which recently closed about 120 stores and laid off over 2,000 employees.


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Pretty cool. I've got mine in plastic baggies separated by theme (indoor, cave, streets, etc..), anything larger than 3x3 gets separated by size.


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Thanks for sharing.

When I point out some of the things I don't like about the D&D mins/counters, it's because people are well, forced to come up with solutions like this. It's like a fire and forget strategy for WoTC instead of supplying the solutions to problems that long term buying of their own products would create!

Anyway, that's pretty neat.

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