My latest Dungeon Tiles storage solution

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OP, Thank You Very Much for this solution.

I just picked up some of these. The tote holds 8 files, and it looks like each file will hold 1 set. But they also have some larger stackable boxes. I picked up one that will hold 15 files, and it is on sale for $7.50 and even comes with one of the files in it! No carrying handle though.
yep. I went to officemax and picked up the tub that holds 15 of the file-things, as well as nine of the file things [for a total of ten]. I would have picked up more, but that's all they had. I'm going back next week.

Apparently, InFile seems to be gone, as well as "innovative storage designs" [the people who make the InFile products]. I can't find a good link.


Mine are stuffed in an amazon box, some punched, some not punched. The only saving grace from this shoddy solution is that i don't actually use them that often, and when i do, i almost always have them pulled out ahead of time so i don't have to search for anything.


The total cost of this solution is probably around $55. The hanging cases were $5 apiece, and the tote about $14 or so.

Wow, good idea. I do have a couple of these cases myself, but I didn't pay $5 for them. They can be found at a Japanese import store called Ichibankan here in the SF Bay Area. There's one in Japantown in SF and another in downtown San Mateo on 3rd that I know of and there could be a third location. They sell those for a $1.50 each. There's another competitor that's also from Japan called Daiso, but I'm not sure if they sell those cases. Daiso seems to be a larger chain and is probably elsewhere outside of CA.

Daniel D. Fox

I have a 3'x1.5' long table beside me i stack them on so I have quick access to them. However, the Streets of Shadow I had to draw squares on, because they're nearly unviewable with the white crosses to indicate squares.


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I keep mine in a box of D&D Basic Game (The one with the plastic black dragon), I have a couple more of them, so I can expand ;-)

My problem isn't how to store the 2D cardboard D&D tiles, but how to store my 3D gipsium D&D tiles...


I found a nice amount of the translucent InFile folders at Office Despot yesterday. They still had a few more clear ones as well as a stock of black cases. Now that my tiles are organized and easier to transport, I should get more use out of them.
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Having bought a new set of dungeon tiles recently and finding myself always spending a lot of time building my dungeons during play, I am looking to organizing the tiles used by my group better.

This one looks interesting, though I think storage is not the only issue - maybe the least. One advantage in our group is that we have a fixed gaming place and we can store everything we have there. The disadvantage is that it is impossible to prepare the tiles before the game.

So my goal would not just to store the tiles, but to easily find them.

I'd like to balance concepts like "storage by size" and "storage by theme".
Size is often important to lay out the wider areas of an area and to identify fitting pieces. But "theme" is also important - since I don't want to always get an altar or strange energy ball when I need a door or when I need furniture!

One of the things I wonder about is what kind of storage containers I would need. Unfortuantely, the OfficeMax solution mentionered here is not just tricky because they seem to have gone or something, but also because they are not found in Germany. ;)


So, what are your suggestions? What are your experiences? Any more tips and advice?

I store by theme. I have around 3-4 copies of each set since Ruins of the Wild, so it would be pretty cumbersome otherwise.

The tiles are in IKEA boxes by general theme (Dungeon, Dire Tombs, City, Wilderness, Caves).

Within these boxes, I have the tiles in Ziploc bags based on type.
So, within the Dungeon box, I have a bag of doors, a bag of stairs/ladders, a bag of furniture, a bag of weird elemental tiles, etc.
Tiles bigger than 4x4 are just free in the boxes - they're not too tough to sort through.

So far it has made it very easy to manage the tiles, both for prepping things in advance and improvising encounters at the table if things go differently than planned. We game in a fixed place in my house, so transport isn't an issue, but the tiles are stored well enough that it wouldn't be to tough to put the boxes in a back seat.


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Hmmm... I dig that setup... maybe just grab some of these now that I have an idea of how I can store these, hehe.


I really need to take pictures of my new setup. It is perfect.

I used ziploc bags but all the tiles bunch down at the bottom of the bag. It wasted a lot of space when storing the bags in boxes.

I got a bunch of those plastic containers that have individual slots in them with dividers that can be removed to make bigger slots. I used a razor blade to cut out some of the permanent dividers and created slots sized to fit each size tile. These plastic containers slide into a bigger carrying box with a handle.

My fingers were sore from all the cutting with the razor blade, and it took me about 2 weeks to create these (I have a lot of tiles). But man was it worth it.


I really need to take pictures of my new setup.

Ok, so I took a few pics. I also included a pic of how I store my minis :)


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Oryan77, that's brilliant. Much better organized and more scalable than my solution.

Where did you get the containers? Namely, where did you get the bigger carrying box they slide into? That's really cool!

They look like they could be Plano boxes, but I'm not sure. Either way, it looks like a great way of sorting and storing the Dungeon tiles. I'm still trying to figure out a way to store mine. That could be the answer. The question is though, is something like that available in Australia?

Olaf the Stout

Edit: Where did you get the container to sort the minis from? I'm relatively happy with my current minis storage set-up but there's always room for improvement! :D


Oryan77, that's brilliant. Much better organized and more scalable than my solution.

Where did you get the containers? Namely, where did you get the bigger carrying box they slide into? That's really cool!

After reading your first post in this thread, I liked your suggestion and went to Office Max to get some of those hanging storage cases. But those things are $5 a pop, and I figured I needed at least 16 of those to hold my tiles. I just couldn't afford that. Then I remembered that I had these cases sitting in my game room.

I got them from a fellow minis collector that sent me his minis recently. I planned to sell the cases on Craigslist since I had no use for them. But when I got home after leaving Office Max, I opened them up to see if cutting them up would work. It took me a few tries to figure out a good way to cut them up. I went through about 3 razor blades and ended up with sore fingertips. I won't kid was a lot of work and rough on my fingers, but it was well worth it once I finished.

I don't know if anyone would want to go through that much trouble to make these. But I'll see if I can contact the guy that sent them to me and find out where he got them. I'll let you guys know what I find out.


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I recognize it. It's a Home Depot product. The brand is WorkForce and the product is called Small Parts Box. I didn't find it on the Home Depot website and it has been a few years so they might be impossible to find now.

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