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ZEITGEIST my Mojang plot line will pay off soon


Way back in Chapter 1, instead of dying, Tanya, Letmas, and Burton just plain disappear during the purple planet event, while Seven Foot Dan is incapacitated for a couple days (drained to 2 strength by greater shadows). Dan takes a few months leave to search for clues.

Late in Chapter 4, RHC arranges an officer exchange with Ber (new PC). In return, Seven Foot Dan becomes an acting executore.

The squad sees him in Chapter 6. A Beran priestess says Dan's former teammates are alive in a place called Mojang. The players groan.

At the convocation in Chapter 7, the squad learns more about planet Mojang and its nature-crafting aspect. The players threaten to punch me into wooden blocks.

Late in Chapter 9, Seven Foot Dan returns to the constabulary (replacement PC).

Now Mojang has become the moon. It's a cube-shaped world with forests & majestic purple mountains surrounding 14 irregular bays and a central ocean.

When the PCs figure out how to get there and rescue the lost constables, they'll discover:
  • Tanya & Letmas built a castle in Bay 1 (or Bayonne as Letmas calls it) to the south.
  • Most of the southern monsters (minor undead, giant spiders) are easy to deal with, but the shambling mounds explode.
  • The sea is interesting, with odd scraps of unusual technology to be found. The shallow bays are manageable, but the deep is filled with terrifying eel-like leviathans.
  • The west is dangerous too. A sandstorm spirit nearly killed them. There are also vast caverns, including an underground jungle filled with giant insects.
  • The north has hostile clans of dinosaur-riders.
  • Madness infects the east. The 12th bay is ruled by dwarves who frequently suffer lethal disasters. Burton turned evil and decided to stay.

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Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters