My own "Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog": a musical about my D&D campaign

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Liquid Awesome
I think that this is just the kind of thing that so much effort and love went into that you'll want to stage a repeat performance every year (including this one) on July 4th.


That is totally right on. You sir have awesome loving, creative friends who have much fun. }:)

Happy b-day! Heres' to another quad-decade of gaming goodness and awesome friends.


Zephrin the Lost

First Post
This concept of musical D&D brings 'let me tell you about my character' to horrific new levels or horror! :lol:

Seriously, though very cool and happy 40th! I'll be there in November...


Bard 7/Mod (ret) 10/Mgr 3
I think the greatest gift is that you have long-time friends nearby who love you enough to do such an awesome thing. Hope to see (and hear) it sometime!


First Post
So far beyond awesome.

Must see! Or at least hear!

Happy 40th! May the next 40 be as great as the previous!



Wow. I'm not sure how you took it, Kevin, but my mouth would be agape for the whole thing.

Tres awesome. Happy B-Day, P-kitty!

What a wonderful gift! I can only aspire to earn such an effort from my own friends and family someday.

In the looks like my daughter is not the only one with tinkerbell footie pajamas.

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