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Release My simple, flexible d100 ruleset, “Hack100”, has just released as a free download


First Post
Hack100 is an old-school flavoured percentile-based tabletop role-playing game in which characters can be created in minutes and the vast majority of in-game actions are covered by around a dozen, rather than dozens of, skills.

It is also extremely flexible, eschewing standard lists of professions, skills, powers and monsters in favour of a freeform, collaborative approach.

The intention is to provide a streamlined system that is quick, easy and intuitive to use. This allows a game to flow naturally with minimal interruptions for the referencing of rules.
  • Classic percentile-based d100 system.
  • Suitable for most genres of RPG – fantasy, sci-fi, cosmic horror, etc.
  • Includes full rules for:
    • Character creation and development.
    • Task resolution.
    • Combat.
    • Special powers (e.g. magic).
    • Customised non-player characters and monsters
It can be downloaded for free from hack100rpg.com. There's also an extensive blog on this site describing the development of the game over the last few months.

Print copies are available from Lulu.

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