Myrdynn's journey Out of the Abyss


Session 19 – The Road Out

OOC: This the last session for Jorvis and Boreal (an Welby) as the players are moving away.

Looking into the room it appears to have been picked clean by oozes, but we can’t see anything in there. I step forward and place the spell gem with the Remove Curse spell in it. The moment I place the gem an earth elemental emerges from the wall and attacks. Followed shortly by a second then third. We manage to dispatch each one easily enough, only Jorvin takes much of a beating, and as each one is dispatched a Galeb Dhur emerges from the ground and takes up a guarding position. All three forming a circle around the altar.

As the last Elemental falls something else emerges from the altar, something I have never seen before, but I think it is a dao. As it appears it says, “I am here to guard this place.” And I reply, “We are here to cleanse it.” My response seems to aggravate it and it attacks, a devastating swing from the dao leaves me on the floor gasping for breath. When I draw on my magic to teleport away from the dao I make a disturbing discovery about the faerzress, something tries to come back into this, plane with me, I am lucky this time that whatever it is cannot, but I it is something to keep in mind.

The dao proves to be a tough opponent, dealing horrific wounds to some of us, but worst of all to Jorvin, who is turned to dust by the attack.

As we fight the creature he asks why we are doing this. I counter with the same question and he replies that he owes Ogremock a favour. Once we dispatch the creature, she declares, “Tell Ogremoch, I am done.”

With the stone circle no longer desecrated, I am now able to cleanse the spell gem I have. The curse is removed and I now have the ability to summon an elemental. A powerful spell, certainly but only once for now. I hope to master this spell from a scroll that I have found.

We return to Garnik Tapfinger, the gnome who asked us to cleanse the stone circles. The stone circles are still not working as they are supposed to, built there are more that need to be sanctified. He is very grateful though and offers us a blessing.

When we return to our rooms in the tavern there is a message for us to visit Chipgrin Goldwhisker, the wererat leader. There we are reunited with Topsy and Turvy, the gnome twins that escaped the drow outpost with us, but disappeared during the escape. They have apparently been watching over us and have overheard a gnome telling a duergar our plan to leave. It seems likely that we will be ambushed along the road. As thanks Eafer offers them a valuable gold bracelet.

We still decide to head back to the surface, as we have no reason to remain here, but at least we are warned.

A few days into the journey Jimjar decides that he no longer wishes to travel with us, preferring not to go to the surface. Otherwise the week long journey proves surprisingly uneventful until the sixth day when we seem to have stumbled across the ambush. Eafer is sure that there is a large group of humanoids ahead of us so we scout ahead. Initially we see nothing, but then Eafer uses a Nothic eye to grant himself true seeing and we see dozens of drow, invisible on the staircase we need to take.


Session 20/21 – Fight up the Stairs

OOC: Thanks to the wonders of technology, Boreal is able to stay with us for now. This entry covers two sessions as it is basically just one big fight

After much planning and discussion Boreal sticks his head around the corner and announces out presence. We’re hoping to lure many of them into a choke point where their numbers won’t count for much.

This plans quickly falls apart as we don’t retreat early enough. Glabagool does his best to rush forward and engulf a number of drow, but he tales a few bad hits and is reduces to a pool of goo on the floor.

Things are looking bad until I spot a tight group of drow and spiders and drop a fire ball that catches them all, killing most of them and leaving the battle much more balanced.

Eafer goes down to a cloud of stinging insects but despite Boreal’s best effort to reach him, he can’t quite get there. Fortunately, I am able to transpose with him and it gets Boreal just close enough to get the ranger back on his feet and able to get out of the cloud.

Things are looking close, but positive, when we notice that there seems to be another war party of drow coming up behind us. We are forced to change our tactics to push up the staircase. All the while getting taunts from Ilvara to surrender.

Fortunately, a well-placed puddle of grease in the corridor seriously delays the approaching drow and buys us critical time in the fight against Ilvara. There are some tense moments but eventually she goes down. She is the last major obstacle in front of us and we are able to make it up the staircase, outrunning the pursuing force of drow.

Coming out into the starlit night, our next issue is that we have no idea where in the world we are.

OOC: This is the halfway point of the adventure and offers a month of game time to do something with. The players have decided to stick a short adventure in - run by Eafer’s player, giving the DM a chance to play a few games.
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