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Mythic Bastionlands Into the Odd, Mythic Knightly rpg.


I crit!
Old school style play but with an Knights of the Round Table like theme and setting.

I really like Into the Odd though I haven’t had enough time playing with it. Also I think it’s not grim dark which seems like the fashion now for OSR games.


Questing beast goes over the preview rules here.
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Haiku Elvis

Knuckle-dusters, glass jaws and wooden hearts.
I agree. I scrolled through the list of pledge tiers on the right, and being so conditioned by other Kickstarters, I was expecting to have to decipher twelve different tiers with different options. But no; you either want the PDF, or you want the PDF and the print book.
I had exactly the same thing. I never go for the bells and whistles and fancy dice tiers but I'm just conditioned that they exist. It felt weirdly stunted and short.

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