Mythic Space - A TTRPG love letter to Halo, Mass Effect, Cowboy Bebop, and The Expanse

Peter LaCara

Hello ENWorld! I wrote a sci-fi game called Mythic Space that I'm quite proud of. The game is a grungy space opera action-focused RPG that borrows elements of D&D 4e and merges it with Forged in the Dark mechanics for a tactical yet cinematic good time. It plays sort of like if you put Blades in the Dark and XCOM in a blender. I think you'll like Mythic Space if you have ever:
  • Paused a Halo LAN party because Cowboy Bebop came on Adult Swim.
  • Argued about which Mass Effect romance option is the best (It's obviously Garrus).
  • Thrown on the Expanse for the third time while you grind for loot in Destiny.
  • Thought "I love the character options in Lancer, but I wish it was as easy to prep as Stars Without Number."
I launched a Kickstarter for the game about a week ago, and we're currently halfway funded. I've also built up a small but vibrant Discord community where people are working on digital tools for the game, like a character sheet app and a random sector generator, with only the occasional deep dives on coffee brewing methods. The playtest version of the game is currently free, so I hope you'll give it a look!

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