Mythras: Classic Fantasy?


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This is the 2nd article on Mythras I have seen on ENworld, and neither one of them has mentioned Classic Fantasy, which is the full supplement for playing essentially D&D in the d100 system of Mythras/RuneQuest. This product would be a natural bridge between the community ENworld represents and a lesser known RPG like Mythras.
From the thread "An Interview with Lawrence Whitaker," this was mentioned. I'd love to hear more about it. Don't know as I'd ever use it, but it does sound very, very intriguing.

I mention this because the one drawback I've had with Mythras was getting others to play it. It was such a big drawback that I stopped trying. If others have had that experience, knowing about a "bridging" product might give them a better chance.

Soooo... Tell me about it!


I think the trick to getting people to play Mythras/Classic Fantasy is through The Design Mechanism's other properties. My group, for instance, wondered why they should play Classic Fantasy when they already play D&D. But they sure were interested in vampire romance and urban fantasy, so we started an After the Vampire Wars game. While there, they started remarking how much they enjoyed the mechanics of Mythras and the advantages it offers (e.g. static hit points, special effects, etc.).


It takes the D&D structure and tropes - races, classes, monsters, magic and translates them into Mythras mechanics. So Half-Orcs, Humans, Half-Elfs, Elfs, Dwarfs, Halfings & Gnomes are supported as PCs. Each race has their own characteristic differences and each gets special ablities - the non-humans tend to get special resistances and some get specific skill benefits (Halflings get 'easy' Stealth checks).

Classes replace the cults, brotherhoods and organisations that core Mythras uses, and gives that PC class benefits. The classes are - Bard, Cavalier, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Magic-User, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Thief.

Levelling does not completely disappear but is replaced by 'Rank' which gates and gauges certain abilities. Grid combat is supported if you want it, magic is detailed for Arcane and Divine spells. There's a huge chapter devoted to converted monsters from D&D.

The Classic Fantasy GMs are quite active on the Mythras Discord, so they would be good to canvass opinion on if you had questions - Join the Mythras Discord Server!