Mythras/Runequest - how good at pulp heroic fantasy swords-and-sorcery?

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Foggy Bottom Campaign Setting Fan
That too is in the Companion

In, IMHO, only a half-satisfactory way. The companion rules for corruption are "use passions", and tables on how intense the passion is, and when rolling impose the character to indulge into the passion. That's cool, but the tie to magic is only mentionned in passing. Sure, you could get experience in a corrupting passions (Sacrifice virgins to dark demons) when you're a member of the school but there is no link with what you do. There should be an incentive in the first place. Like, "sure, you can add your Passion (Sacrifice virigin) to your invocation skill whenever you want... but then you'd gain an experience roll in it... are you sure you want it to risk it reaching 80% (that's the level where you're really ready to commit actual crimes)? I like when there is a temptation to use a self-destroying effect. Or the player needs to be foolish as well.

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