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Myths of the Far Future is EN Publishing's space-opera ruleset for the PATHFINDER RPG and D&D 4th Edition. While it includes a default setting based on the novels of Mike Resnick, it is designed to allow GMs to create their own far-future settings and adventures.

The PATHFINDER and 4E versions of the ruleset have been developed separately, rather than converted, and differ significantly.

[h=1]SANTIAGO Adventure Path[/h]
The SANTIAGO adventure path is an adventure path set in the Myths of the Far Future default setting. The adventure path is based on Mike Resnick's novel, SANTIAGO, and covers the hunt for a notorious galactic outlaw, with various adventures along the way. The PCs in this adventure path are bounty hunters.

[h=3]1. A Visit to Keepsake - The Hunt Begins (Level 1)[/h]
The first adventure begins when the heroes join forces to capture and earn the bounty on the Suliman Brothers. Successful, they are pointed to the nearby outpost world of Keepsake, where most bounty hunters are known to relax after a mission. While taking a break at Gentry’s Emporium, they hear news that the Angel has come to the Inner Frontier in search of Santiago and receive their own tip on how to start looking for the legendary villain. They start their real journey after dealing with an angry Giles Sans Pitié.

After landing on Port Étrange, the heroes run into some trouble. A group of aliens who were expecting smuggled supplies from the Suliman Brothers attack the party in hopes of recovering their losses. With them out of the way, the party meets up with Halfpenny Terwilliger, who leads them to Stern, the man Gentry said did time with Santiago some years back. The first module concludes when the heroes gather information from Stern on their next port of call and race off the planet with Terwilliger in tow before ManMountain Bates reaches the gambler.

[h=3]2. Belladonna, Nightshade and the Sargasso Rose (Levels 2 – 3 )[/h]
Adventure two begins once the heroes have reached the world of Belladonna. As they plot a course to Nightshade, a meteor shower damages the heroes’ ship and they are forced to land on the surface after all. The party will need to requisition supplies from a recently established Democracy controlled hangar so they can repair their ship and leave.

When the party finally reaches Nightshade, they find that another group of bounty hunters have picked up the trail and intend to find Santiago first. The Sargasso Rose forbids open battle on her ship, so she proposes that each group picks a different starting point and if their paths converge again then so be it. The party is left with a choice; track down Salvatore Acosta or visit Silverblue.

[h=3]3. Of Devils and Virgins (Levels 4 – 5)[/h]
The next module offers the heroes two paths to follow. They can travel to Walpurgis III, where a sect of devil-worshippers may be able to lead them closer to their target; or to Declan IV, the Democracy controlled home of a man called Socrates.

On Walpurgis, matters of the occult must be dealt with before the party can even search the planet for the assassin who escaped them back on Silverblue. When word of the heroes’ presence on Walpurgis reaches the villains, they set out to make sure nobody finds them.

When the heroes do travel to Declan IV, they meet The Virgin Queen for the first time just before she accidentally kills their lead and provides them with only a modicum of valuable information. Before they can leave, they’ll have to deal with an academic’s peaceful protest gone awry. With the situation at the spaceport behind them, Terwilliger leaves for now, wishing to enjoy a little time away from the party, and hoping to avoid ManMountain Bates.

[h=3]4. Coming Attractions on Calliope (Levels 6 – 7)[/h]
A tip from MacKenzie before she left them sends the heroes to Calliope to investigate Santiago’s stake in a couple of the planet’s more interesting venues. On the planet, they meet with Virtue’s contact, Dr. Monroe Nejie, a brilliant scientist who specializes in cloning the creatures who inhabit various regions of the world. Interested in the party’s quest, the doctor sends them to the local dinosaur refuge to find out more about the money invested there.

While at the refuge, the party gets embroiled in a plot to steal some of the giant reptiles’ DNA. To stop the potential threat, they will have to chase the thieves half-way across the globe and through several wildly different sectors of Calliope before they finally learn who wants the strain and why.

[h=3]5. His Name is Father William (Level 8)[/h]
Falling back to the Sargasso Rose’s lead on a Methane Breathing alien who used to traffic goods for Santiago, the heroes end up on the planet of Saint Joan. Here, they learn a little more about the things Santiago is capable of when pushed. The local humanoids also bring the party’s attention to a man called Father William, who frequents the world as an evangelist and may know more about the damage that was done to it by the outlaw.

When the heroes reach Goldenrod, as they are told this was the priest’s next port of call, they find themselves again in the presence of miss Virtue MacKenzie. She is also here, but not exactly in search of Father William. Instead, she seeks a bandit her sources tell her calls himself the Jolly Swagman. While she and the adventurers work out who’s going where, they are confronted again by the rival group of bounty hunters. As it turns out, Virtue’s contacts have put a hit on the Virgin Queen.

[h=3]6. Enemies on the Move (Levels 9 – 10)[/h]
The heroic tier comes to a close in this adventure. The heroes finally have a strong source in their newest ally, the Jolly Swagman. In a show of good faith, and for the mere price of all the art in Santiago’s possession, he brings the party to Diamond Strike and the Great Sioux Nation. Though they are of little help in the search for the Bandit King, Sitting Bull and his cabal of aliens do give the party the latest information on the Angel’s whereabouts. Virtue, who’s tagged along until now, offers to chase down the lone bounty hunter so she can get a story out of him and gather information for the heroes.

Following up on a tip from Halfpenny Terwilliger, the heroes meet the gambler on the Starboat. According to their source, Santiago plans to attack while one of the Democracy’s ships is docked to retrieve the government’s cut of the Starboat’s profits. The party will have a choice of whether to alert the authorities or handle matters in their own way.

With only one good lead left, and Virtue out trying to head off the Angel, the heroes find their way to Altair of Altair. Once the party navigates through her labyrinth, the very well-known assassin displays her expertise in a fight to the end over her very bright fish. After dealing with the professional killer, the heroes find themselves back in the company of the Swagman, who comes with an update on Virtue and an interesting new ship; Schussler the Cyborg.

[h=3]7. Games of Chance (Levels 11 – 12)[/h]
At the onset of the paragon tier, the heroes have two problems. Halfpenny Terwilliger contacts them from the planet of Sunnybeach. He fears for his life, as he just received word that ManMountain Bates has tracked him there and won’t let him off the planet. On top of that, he ran into Virtue and the Angel while there, and from the sounds of it, she’s allied with the bounty hunter.

To make matters worse, a military unit from the Democracy looking for new territory to colonize has ordered Schussler to allow them to board, and the Cyborg cannot go against his directive because the unit’s ship is damaged and to leave them would mean their death. Forced to bring the soldiers to Sunnybeach, the heroes get to Terwilliger too late and must face off with ManMountain Bates while the Angel and Virtue get away safely because of his connections with the Democracy.

With the loss of Terwilliger still fresh on their mind, the heroes are ready to leave the resort planet. Their run of bad luck continues, though when they learn from Schussler that a man fitting the description of the wanted criminal Simple Simon has hacked into the computer systems at the spaceport where they stay. Nobody will be able to leave Sunnybeach, including the Angel and Virtue, until things have been repaired. Having called a truce with the Angel until both groups have left the planet, the party has time to seek out and capture the genius outlaw.

[h=3]8. Stuck in an Alphanella Haze (Levels 13 – 14)[/h]
True to his word, the Angel waits until the heroes are off of Sunnybeach before he calls in a favor to have them delayed further. Part way to their next destination, the party is waylaid and sent off to Aristotle. Travelling to the University planet would be only a minor inconvenience if not for the mishap that disrupts Schussler. The heroes will need to trust a mad science student so they can rescue their friend and get their quest back on track.

When at last they arrive, Roosevelt III proves a dangerous world. Finding Yorick becomes more difficult when the party must face off with several of the outlaws who’ve decided to call this planet home. It isn’t until they have captured, chased off, or killed several of the villains that one finally gives them the information they need.

Reaching Yorick, they must contend with his need for alphanella seeds to get his aid. Throughout this endeavor, the heroes learn of a drug cartel headed on Roosevelt III by a man who’s holograph resides in the post office next to other wanted criminals. It will be up to them to either deal with or dethrone the outlaw and get Yorick what he needs so that he can tell them where to go next.

[h=3]9. The Tangled Web We Weave (Levels 15 – 16)[/h]
On the outpost world of Safe Harbor, the heroes find Father William on vacation. They also meet Moonripple and have a run in with One-Time Charlie. After saving the girl, they are directed to Silent Annie, who turns out not to be so silent after all.

Before she’ll take them to see Santiago, the woman insists that they see some of the better things the most wanted man on the Frontier does. Unfortunately, the show is put on hold when the Democracy shows up with plans to requisition chemicals they need in order to peacefully remove the locals of a nearby world. Furious, Annie makes a deal with the heroes. If they will help prevent needless slaughter, she’ll bring them directly to Santiago with no more questions asked.

[h=3]10. Democracy (Levels 17 – 18)[/h]
As the campaign approaches its climax, the heroes must end a threat to Bellum by infiltrating Deluros VIII before the military can send in their men. With Schussler gone, they will need to steal or hitch a ride into the Democracy without their point of origin being traced back to Safe Harbor.
On Deluros VIII, the party once again finds their way into a military compound where they can learn more about the government’s plans for Bellum and its citizens. Unfortunately, they soon learn they are too late when a triumphant Dr. Nejie finishes her mass cloning project and the newly formed soldiers take off toward the unsuspecting world.

[h=3]11. The Angel of Death (Levels 19 – 20)[/h]
Travelling to Bellum, the heroes will have to face off with several threats to keep the planet from being overrun by the Democracy and Dr. Nejie’s clones.

Successful, the party can return to Safe Harbor, where they finally meet the infamous Santiago. After speaking with him at length, the party is approached by Virtue MacKenzie. She and the Angel have caught back up to them at last, and he wishes to make a deal with his quarry.

The decision is left to the heroes whether to go after the Angel and end his threat or capture and turn in Santiago before the other bounty hunter can get to him. How they choose will have lasting effects on the future of the Inner Frontier.

[h=1]MOFF Player's Guide[/h]
A pre-release draft version of the 4E Player's Guide can be found here (PDF).


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