N.E.W. v 1.2 is here!

So what happened with the Psi PP calculation? The new rules (roll wil + psi) instead of 10*psi cuts the total PP's significantly. The sample characters haven't had their power points recalculated, they still have the old values (which are both now illegal as they have more then they could have possibly rolled). Also, the new PP rules completely omit the recovery rules, despite having the Recovery exploit still in the list?

Looks like something got a little messed up? Something for the next round of errata?

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And more.

P. 24, Humans, Explorers exploit. The effects of this exploit differ from the corresponding one on the SRD.

The skill leadership is mentioned in the following places. IIRC, it was deprecated.
P. 20, Social skills
P. 30, Skills paragraph. Among the list of defensive skills.
P. 32, Navy Brat career skills.
P. 35, Academy career skills.
P. 35, Command school exploit grants leadership at 1 rank.
P. 41, Marine Cadet Assignment career skills.
P. 41, Marine Tour career skills.
P. 43, Navy Cadet Cruise career skills.
P. 43, Navy Tour career skills.
P. 45, Priest career skills.
P. 61, Skills & Derived Statistics table, under Mental Defense.
P. 64, top left table, under Mental Defense.
P. 142, Example Tasks table, example skill for making a speech.
P. 228, first paragraph, "A captain benefits from skills like leadership and starship tactics[...]"
P. 261, Commanders subheading, multiple references.

P. 20, Performance Skills, I believe the magic example skill was renamed to prestidigitation.


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Those aren’t errors.

Book is right. SRD not updated yet.

Leadership is still a skill (hell, nothing isn’t a skill; they’re just keywords). It’s just not used to donate LUC dice any more. You can also use it for MENTAL DEFENSE.


According to errata => Equipment Quality : Remove the reference to the minimum skill requirements for higher quality equipment, and the corresponding column in the table.

Yet in 1.2 :

Armor (p21) : You can still wear armor in which you have no skill ranks, but – as with all equipment – you need skill ranks to benefit fully from higher
quality armor.

Cinematic Mode (p63) : Additionally, when in cinematic mode, you ignore the skill requirement for using higher quality equipment; anybody can benefit from superior gear.

Equipment p(64) : For MELEE DEFENSE, the quality of your weapon or shield can be used in your dice pool (although you cannot benefit from more equipment quality dice than skill dice; see the section on dice pools, later in this book).
For RANGED DEFENSE, the quality of your shield can be used (again, you cannot benefit from more equipment quality dice than skill dice).

Equipment, Skills, & Quality + Table (pp81-82) :Min. Skill. Effective equipment quality is limited by skill level – you cannot gain more dice in your dice pool from equipment than you have from skills.

Item quality In Context (p82) : (also, given that they grant a +3d6 bonus to attribute checks, only characters with 6 or more ranks in a related skill will be able to fully benefit from them).

Plus, Armor skills should be removed, as they are now useless.


Well, that was fun
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Correct observation. We went with the middle route of slipping it into Cinematic Mode rather than removing it altogether. Too many people like the feel of a game more focused on skills and attributes than on equipment. This way, we get both options!
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