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WOIN N.O.W. Questions



I've been reading more of the N.O.W. Materials, and I'd like to ask a few questions, specifically related to the "action careers" PDF.

Page 50 – Spending Chi points – does it deplete the maximum score (as it sort of says on page 50), and therefore reduce your dice pool if you cross a threshold?

Page 57 Commanding grants a “free” action. Does this mean that it’s only a “free action”, or that they grant a standard “action” to that player?

Page 58 – “Flambuoyant” is listed on the previous page as an option for a high-reputation trait, but is not listed here.

From page 59-onwards, explaining your speed, carry capacity, etc, whenever it talks about your Str, Agi, etc., it’s talking about dice pools, and now the attribute numbers, right? It says that before, but isn’t quite clear later on. For example, under “Carry”, it says that your carry increment is equal to STR + END multiplied by ten. Should that read “equal to your STR + END dice pool multiplied by ten”? Does my character’s grade affect that (i.e. at grade 5, my dice pool is maxed at 5, so 50 pounds is the most I can have as a starting character)? Similarly, when it says on page 47, under the active resistance skill, “gain soak to one type of damage equal to your chi for one minute”, does that refer to the dice pool or to the total score? (note: this came before the explanation that dice pools are what’s used for these sorts of things)

Page 68 – Lady Anarchy has a listed 3 for reputation, but erroneously says 3d6 for her dice pool for that attribute.

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
Spending chi points only reduces your chi points, not your chi score.

Natural language use there. A normal action, which is free. I see why that would be confused with a free action, which is a specific thing. I’ll look into clearing up that language in the compilation.

If it means dice pool, it will say dice pool. If it means just the attribute, it will just say the attribute.

Good catch on Lady Anarchy.