[Necro] WotC Has A Zuggtmoy! And She's French!


Well, that was fun
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At the Wizards of the Coast offices in Seattle, a certain Demon Lord has arrived... in a cardboard box. "Zuggtmoy is in the house! She came all the way from France where she was lovingly hand-sculpted by artist extraordinaire, VIRGINIE ROPARS - OFFICIAL to be our cover model for Dragon+. Zuggymoy was eagerly unboxed by her adoring attendants, helmed by D&D's wonderfully talented Creative Director (and instigator for this sculpture), Shauna Narciso." So Zuggtmoy is French, eh?

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Weird Dave

That is super cool! Zuggtmoy is an interesting choice for a prime villain and I'm very much looking forward to Out of the Abyss to see how her wedding shapes up in the context of the adventure.


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Wow - she is gorgeous!

And does this mean WotC has official confirmed French as the language of the Underdark? Would make sense, if Common is English, Undercommon is French? Chris Perkins' drow would approve :)


I liked it so much I made a token using one of the pics for use on virtual tabletops.


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