Release Necromancers for Halloween (and PF2)


Hey all,

Just wanted to share that I've released the Golarion Necromancer over on Pathfinder Infinite.

I also have a podcast we recorded that reviews the book (after my part, so it's unbiased) coming out next week. I'll share a link once that's live in the replies.

Banned from the Boneyard is an expansion on the necromantic concepts laid forth in The Book of the Dead. As a member of the necromancer class, you practice magical arts forbidden to even the most faithful of clerics, the most studious of wizards, the cunningest of thaumaturges, and the wisest of druids. Learn the secrets of Geb, Kabriri, Urgathoa, and even the Whispering Way; just some of the power you can wield as one who risks being banned from the Boneyard.

  • The necromancer class: A full, 20-level spellcaster who chooses how you study the darkest depths of necromancy.
  • 8 necromantic studies specific to Golarion: Gebbite, Kabririn, Mzali, Osirion, Shenmen, Spirit-Singing, Urgathoan, and the Whispering Way
  • Over 40 feats from 1st- through 20th-level.
  • A necromancer multiclass archetype for characters who want a taste of necromantic power.
  • 7 new spell tricks emphasizing necromancy for the spell trickster archetype.
Necromancers Cover.jpg

necro feats 2e.jpg

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