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D&D 5E Necromantic party


I was just looking over all the interesting builds to become a Necromancer. You have:

A wizard school: Focuses on more undead, and giving them more health.
A Paladin Oath (or lack thereof): Focusses on ripping control of undead away from enemy, and then making them stronger.
A Cleric Domain: Focuses on blasting people with necrotic power they cannot resist
A Warlock Patron: Focuses on becoming an undead, or being harder to kill
A Lore Bard: Because they can be anything they want and can mix and match different spells to become anything and everything.

A few side notes would be:
Shadow Monks: Not really necromancers, but good flavor
Shadow Sorcerers: Being born sort of like an undead.

Am I the only one seeing a Party in that? A Wizard, Paladin, Cleric, Bard, and a Warlock. Maybe a Sorcerer or Monk. Got your skill monkey, your tank, your healer, your caster and your sniper. By level 6, most of them can cast Animate Dead, the Wizard buffs his own, the Paladin buffs all of them within 10 feet with his aura at level 7.

I'm envisioning nations crumbling under a party like this. The wizard with his horde, the Paladin with his shock troops, outfit all the bodies with good armor and weapons and let them go at it! Everyone that dies is just another member of the army! How many undead can you have? 83 for the Cleric and Bard, 98 for the Wizard, 22 for the Paladin. That's what, 286 undead if at lvl 20 they use all their spell slots? And that's just using one day's worth of spells to replenish their numbers, they can keep up to 430 under their control every day. Yeah, they're not using their spell slots for anything else, but at lvl 20 you've likely got Legendary items, and with 430 minions all decked out in Plate and weapons, even if it's just simple ones, and even if they aren't "Proficient" in plate armor and have to move at 20 ft instead of 30, you're talking about a literal army.

I likely have many of those numbers wrong, but there you go.

"Oh look, a dungeon. Probably has some good loot in it."

"Yeah, but I'm tired. Let's just send out minions down there and clear it out."


Almost makes me want to play a Necromancer Only Party.

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Title? I don't need no stinkin' title.
I'd only allow it as a DM over my dead body. Umm ... Bob ... why do you have a knife? Bob???


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For what it's worth Long Death is a way more fitting Monk subclass than Shadow- you steal people's life force as you kill them, you terrify them with your "soul ... touched by the shadow of death", you cause them to wither away and die with a mere touch vs. you can do special stuff when it's dark out.


Title? I don't need no stinkin' title.
Man, the rest of you are killing it with your jokes. Mine was DOA.

You just didn't put your heart into it. Not to be ghoulish, but by it I mean a clay jar with necromantic symbols on it of course. After all, it's a grave responsibility to be a necromancer, a lot of people wouldn't stand a ghost of a chance. It's just not for every body.

Just don't go crying boo-hoo to your mummy.


I'm not sure if those numbers are right, but even if they are, 430 undead is not that impressive at level twenty. Any comparative level threat would blow through them like tissue paper, though in 5e numbers make a bigger difference than in previous editions.


I don’t know. 430d6’s + 960 will certainly leave a dent in whatever it is you’re sending if they all have short bows.

If you assume only 5% will crit, then 21 shots will hit anything, regardless of AC, for 42d6 + 42 Damage, or an average of 145. Assuming you had a way to enchant all the arrows, you could kill a Tarrasque in roughly four or five rounds. And that doesn’t even include bonuses from spells or whatnot.
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As long as the players and the DM were on the same page, I think I'd have a ball playing that.

I don’t know. 430d6’s + 960 will certainly leave a dent in whatever it is you’re sending if they all have short bows.
Small parties have the advantage of being able to slip in and out of places without drawing a huge amount of attention. Usually. Sometimes. *Cough*

But an army of 400+ undead tends to draw attention. The 4,000 cavalry kind of attention. People start taking you seriously as a national level threat and responding appropriately. Of course, if your players intentionally want to roleplay a necromantic blob covering (a small part of) the horizon, then it's doubtful any DM is going to smoosh your aspirations so callously. But you should have some kind of plan for when an actual army with actual numbers shows up.


Finger of Death is on the Sorcerer, Wizard and Warlock Spell list. That could be used to create a new zombie a few times a day that doesn’t need to be reasserted. So technically, give the party a year and they’ll have 2,190 permanent zombies, not including the ones created with Animate Dead.

It would be interesting to play a campaign of necromancers with the goal of taking over the world. Searching for valuable artifacts that increase their power, dodging Paladin and adventurous parties. Building their undead army one soldier at a time.

Unfortunately, I’d much rather play such a game than run it.