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Need a kick for your campaign?


New at the Dungeon Master's Guild, Offbeat Encounters is a collection of unusual scenarios that provide a setup, an adversary, and a motivation, leaving the rest to you. Consisting of unorthodox approaches to both monsters and situations, Offbeat Encounters are the perfect addition to shake up any 5e game.

This bookmarked, color PDF contains 10 scenarios ready to amuse you, torment your players, and provide fodder for stories you'll reminisce about for years to come. In addition to the 10 scenarios, the book includes sidebars on topics such as drilling holes in the skulls of living creatures as a medical practice and the creation of the amphibious slave-people called skum.

New and updated creatures include:

  • an aboleth infant
  • skum enhanced with magical ability
  • an Inspirited rat swarm, which moves into holes bored in the heads of its victims
  • a Black Cloud of Vengeance, a living storm of astounding power
  • chittering gnomes, tiny monstrosities that spread madness for their masters
  • creatures rebuilt and "improved" by an insectoid mad scientist
  • a swarm of skeletons focused on returning their long-lost master to power
  • the insectoid scientist itself, intent upon furthering its own designs upon its patients

There are a total of 9 creature statblocks, which include three new swarms, one new template, and three radical variants on common monsters.

NOTE: This book does NOT include "The Wayward Warlock," an identically formatted adventure also available on the Dungeon Master's Guild.

A NOTE ABOUT ORGANIZATION IN THIS DOCUMENT: There isn't any to speak of. The file is well-bookmarked, though, and easy to navigate.

Check it out! And if you like what you see, please leave a rating and review, and feel free to check out my other offerings on the Guild!

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