WOIN Need help with SOAK


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I have a Question about Soak in OLD.

What kind of Soak do stack?

I have a Ogre with
Thick Hide (Leathery Skin)( +2 natural Soak),
Iron skin (Your natural SOAK bonus increases to +4),
Street Tough (You gain a natural +2 Soak),
Chainmail High quality (+8 Soak),
Great helm (+4 Soak)
from with i get 18 Soak.

Is this right?

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Well, that was fun
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Nope. Natural SOAK and armor SOAK don't stack. You use whichever is higher.

Natural SOAK is the thick hide, iron skin, street tough for a total of 8.

Armor SOAK is the chainmail, helm for a total of 12 (with a total of -5 MELEE/RANGED DEFENSE, +2 MENTAL DEFENSE, -2d6 to INT checks).

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