3PP Release New 3PP release: Sinuous Sentinels!


A5E Designer and third-party publisher
The sinuous are another created heritage like dragonborn, but their progenitors are nagas and couatls rather than dragons. Originally tasked as additional security for important sites, thanks to their long lifespans, they have moved out into the world, founding societies of their own and joining others.
  • -New (very versatile) heritage
  • 3 new cultures
  • 3 new backgrounds
  • 1 new destiny
  • 1 new combat tradition
  • 1 new archetype
  • 1 new multiclass synergy feat chain (herald/wizard)
  • 3 new magic items (two of which can be combined into a better item)
  • 13 new pieces of equipment
$10 from DrivethruRPG, and available now!

Sinuous Sentinels_DTRPG_COVER_1.jpg

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A5E Designer and third-party publisher
Assuming folks like this one, I may be doing something similar with a sphinx-based heritage in the not-too-distant future. ;)


Another one to put on my wish list--had some unexpected expenses which prevent me from buying it right this second.

I'd love to see sphinxes. And if you're going to do them, you should do lamias as well.

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