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D&D 4E New 4e Forglotten Realms campaign....where can we get all the Living Forgotten Realms


I have a new group that is playing D&D 4e and our new campaign is going to be set in the Forgotten Realms, 4e version. However, the vast majority of us are very new to the Realms and striving to learn all we can. To make things easy out of the box, I am trying to see where I can download all the Living Forgotten Realms adventures so fare for 4e? This would be a great help for us in launching a new campaign and in learning about the Realms. We are not going to be running these for RPGA purposes and reporting our results, etc. Rather, we are wishing to use them as a basis to launch this new campaign for adventure material and to learn more about the Realms.

Can anyone please assist me in this task?

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The sign-in page is here:


However, before you can sign in you need to join the RPGA then one of you needs to take (and pass) the online Herald-level GM test.

The easiest way to join the RPGA is to grab a membership card from your FLGS and then follow the above link.

Once you have joined and you are a Herald-level GM you can download the LFR adventures for your home games. (FYI, I have never reported a single one. I just download them all for ideas in the same way as you plan.)


You no longer need to pass a test, under any circumstances.

Passing the test no longer changes your status.

This was a change which happened without much fanfare, so it's taking a long time for it to become common knowledge.

Here's something I wrote for the WotC forums. It's written for someone who wants to join the LFR campaign, but the basics are accurate regardless:
Hello and welcome! Can I first direct you to the LFR group which is the hub for all LFR-related info and has a separate set of forums. Posting here's fine, but people are beginning to move over to those forums and the blog and wiki there contain various bits of very useful info. I've not yet had time to make a 'getting started' entry in the wiki, but it's something I do keep meaning to do!

To get WotC to enable your D&D Private Play co-ordinator status, follow the instructions in this WotC Customer Service article

For now, you'll need your own RPGA/DCI number and you'll also need to visit a store which runs D&D or Magic events and ask them for some membership cards for your players. The plan in the near future is to remove the need to track and report private play of LFR - and make the adventures far more easily available - but that's waiting on some technological steps. For now you should order and report adventures played using the online system.

Note that an official Living Forgotten Realms session/table has one GM and between 4 and 6 players (not 3 or fewer or 7 or more). Both the need to report and the table-size limits are difficult for anyone to enforce, but they are the rules at the moment. I do not expect the table-size limits to change as WotC has done a lot of thinking about D&D and consistently believes that the further you go away from five players, the worse the game is for everyone.

I hope that helps! Feel free to ask any questions here or in the LFR group.

Once you have the membership "D&D Private - Co-ordinator" you can use the "Event sanctioning" link, click "D&D Private Play", follow the next few screens, choose some adventures, and click "Add/Remove Adventures" at the bottom of the screen, then complete the process through to 'Submit'. Then go to "My Events", click "D&D Private Play", click 'Search' and find the event you just created. Scroll to the bottom to find a list of links to zip files containing the adventures. You will then want to cancel the event at some point. In theory the adventures are made available for RPGA Living Forgotten Realms play, but no-one is likely to notice that you're not reporting events if you cancel them. There's lots of information on the LFR group, particularly in the wiki.
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