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Release New 5E content from Crooked Staff Publishing


I'm pleased to announce a couple of new releases ...this time for 5E.

The first of these is #1 of a little 'zine that I've filled with some of my own GM notes/tables/etc.


And since the Crooked Staff Terrain channel has recently hit 10,000 subscribers, I'll be giving this first issue away for FREE! (you can pick it up HERE).

* * *

In addition, there's also a 1st level, 16 page, starter adventure...


...and as you can tell from the title, it's not meant to be anything revolutionary or particularly original - it's just a fun little dungeon romp that can be wrapped up in a session or two.

It's priced at $2.99, and comes with several VTT maps for those of you playing online.

* * *

And since I mentioned the 'Terrain channel' (as I say it's recently hit 10k subscribers) - I'm also running a little give-away if you would like to get involved in that:

(note that the 'count me in' comment needs to go in the comments of the YouTube video)

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