1E New Books? Thoughts, Ideas, Advice


I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.
So, I need to get some new 1e books. Long story, don't ask. :)

(I'd also like to get a physical copy of the B/X Moldvay / Cook rules, but that's not a real priority)

So here's the gist of what I need, and what I'm thinking about-

I don't want museum pieces. I'm looking for books that will be put in actual use, not first edition PHBs from '78 without an ISBN that I have to keep in a vacuum seal. Think in terms of being read and used by careless teens.

They need to be physical copies, not .pdfs. Actual books.

Ideally, I'd like a source for all of the real stuff. You know:
Deities and Demigods
OA (I really want this one too)

(No, I don't need/want the fake stuff, like UA and the Survival Guides. ;) Yes, I'm all about the gratuitous drive-by insults. It might be more than 40 years later, but I can still mock those books- they can stand it. Well, except UA; it has neither the backbone NOR THE BINDING to take it.)

Now, I know that DrivethruRPG has some print-on-demand of these ... but not all. No Oriental Adventures, for example. I also know that these are versions of the reprints that WoTC did in 2012.

So here is my question-

What is the best way to go about this now? For someone who is looking to get the books (physical books) to provide to people to use for play?

The thoughts and input (and/or jokes) of the forum are always appreciated!

(PS - I'd also look at some actual-print retroclones of 1e; however, one thing I'm really looking for in the original Gygaxian versions of some of these for teaching/language reasons. Long story!)


Drive thru RPG or DMs Guild is probably the best way to get clean copies.

For those that are not printed physically I would do as follows, though you could do it for ALL of them.

I would go and buy the PDFs from DMs Guild.

I would then burn them to CD and take them to a PRINT Shop.

Get them spiral bound in a STURDY Spiral bound book on heavy duty paper. This should last with the use and abuse of a lot of handling and also lay flat on the table.

This gives you physical copies of the books as well as legally obtaining them.

Alternatively, you could also use something like Lulu.


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[MENTION=6799753]lowkey13[/MENTION] , I've enjoyed and been entertained by your posts for years. If you'll cover shipping I'll send you the books. I've been keeping them for sentimental reasons but having them be used to play again is a great excuse to get them out of the house. Or at least my wife would say so.


The Deities & Demigods is not the first printing with Cthulu mythos and a few others.

I also have Manual of the Planes, Unearthed Arcana, and both Survival Guides (Wilderness & Dungeoneer's). I'm not likely to keep them without the core books, so they are yours if you want the extra weight.

I'm in the US, not sure where "The Stately Pleasure Dome of Xanadu" from your profile is. :) International shipping might be more expensive than PoD. PM me if you are interested.