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Release New Fog of War/Explore Feature & Tokens in Worldographer


Inkwell Ideas just released a large update to Worldographer to facilitate on-line play. Worldographer is already an easy to use role-playing game map editor for world/kingdom maps, city/town/village maps, and dungeon/battlemats. But with the new & improved Fog of War/Exploration functionality as well as over 90 new & revised tokens for characters and monsters a GM can use the program with a screen-sharing application such as Zoom or Discord to play on-line.

See a video showing how to use the new feature.

Worldographer has a free version and Pro licenses which unlock special feature for world/kingdom, settlement, or batttlemat map-making. The new tokens and fog of war/exploration functionality don't require a paid license.

This feature was supported by our Patreon. Supporters get to vote on which new features we add to Worldographer each month, vote on a map icon theme, and get 100+ icons for that theme each month.


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