New Hobby Releases In Stores & PDF Spotlight: 29th January 2018

A rundown of the New Releases that should be hitting games stores this coming week! Board games, card games, RPGs, Wargames, Miniatures and collectible games... hopefully something for everyone! In addition to the games hitting your local store we also take a look at a few RPG PDF releases from the last week that we hope may be of interest. For more information about any of the physical products please contact your local games store.


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The Road Goes Ever On
Adventures in Middle-earth Maps Set
By Cubicle 7 Entertainment

It’s a dangerous business, stepping out of your door, and not just because of the far-off places a traveller might end up, but also because the dangers they’ll face along the way. Just as journeys play a central role in the adventures of Bilbo and Frodo, so too are they at the heart of Adventures in Middle-earth.

The Road Goes Ever On is a set of four, double-sided, large format maps covering the greater part of known Middle-earth: Eriador, Wilderland, Rohan, and Gondor/Mordor. With Player maps and hexed Loremaster maps, these provide an invaluable play aid for planning your Adventures in Middle-earth journeys. Also included is a 32-page supplement, packed with ideas, new rules, and guidance.

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These Are The Voyages, Missions Compendium Volume 1
Star Trek Adventures Missions Book
By Modiphius

Rescue a Federation science vessel drifting dangerously inside the Romulan Neutral Zone. Weigh up the dilemma of the Prime Directive with an intelligent species. Investigate strange events on Carina VII. Uncover the truth about an anomalous wormhole. There Are The Voyages Missions Compendium Volume 1 presents eight ready-to-play missions for Star Trek Adventures.

Within this book Gamemasters will find the means to test their Starfleet officers at the front line of Starfleet operations.

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Tomb of Annihilation Map Set
Dungeons & Dragons Accessory
By Gale Force 9

Gale Force Nine’s Official Dungeons & Dragons Tomb of Annihilation Map Set contains high-quality single-sided vinyl surfaces that are ideal for tracking the progress of your adventures during the campaign! These maps lay flat for ease of play and are sold in sturdy polycarbonate tubes for storage and transport.

The maps may be marked with WET-ERASE markers to temporarily record the paths your heroes travel, make notes about encounters and locations, or the modify landscape to suit your own campaign. They also look great on the wall of your game room! The Chult player map measures 24” x 18" and the Port, City, and Chult DM’s maps measure 16” x 12”. All of GF9's Maps are based on artwork provided by Wizards of the Coast.

This campaign map set details the lands of Chult, the setting for Dungeons & Dragons campaigns in the Tomb of Annihilation adventure. Packed with details, these maps are a great way to chart your adventures across this dread and adventure-filled jungle.

Gale Force Nine recommends the use of water-soluble marking pens, like those used with overhead projectors (wet-erase markers) with our game mats. Vinyl is a very porous material and any marks make by dry-erase or permanent markers will stain the mat.

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Knights of the Dinner Table #251
Comic & Magazine
By Kenzer & Co



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Book of Feasts
Pendragon Sourcebook
By Nocturnal Media

A Feast Fit for a King

The smell of roasting meat fills the hall. Gossips whisper. Amours exchange furtive glances. A fight nearly breaks out. But then, with a fanfare of trumpets, the lord and lady enter—the feast is about to begin!

The Book of Feasts and the companion Feast Deck bring a new format (in the form of a mini-game) that elevates feasts to the same level as tournaments and battles, as befits the biggest social events of the year!

Feasts are important and vital social events in the lives of any knight, on par with tournaments. Like tourneys, the feast is a vehicle for driving interactions, schemes, rivalries, and alliances between Player-knights and Gamemaster characters. With the rules presented in this book and the companion Feast Deck, you can make banquets guaranteed to produce interesting plot twists and lasting memories of social triumphs and failures, no matter the period from Uther to the twilight of Arthur.

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The Infinity Shift
Cypher System Adventure
By Monte Cook Games

Welcome to the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program! They call it HAARP. You call it the rear end of a two-year duty shift at the United States Air Force base in Gakona, Alaska. Nothing ever happens at HAARP—or at least nothing used to happen.

Until today. Today they fired up Test #24114, designated BROWNCOW. And now everything happens there. Like, literally everything. All at once.

Can you and your buddies survive one eternal shift at the center of all space-time?

Note: The total page count of 26 pages includes the 13-page adventure, plus 6 double-sided pre-generated characters.

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The Secret Vault of the Queen of Thieves
Torchbearer Adventure
By Burning Wheel

The Secret Vault of the Queen of Thieves is a 3rd level, city-based adventure scenario for Torchbearer RPG by Thor Olavsrud and is now available in pdf.

Tamar, secretive master thief of the port city of Highwater, is dead. The rumors say she dropped face-first into a bowl of soup yesterday while supping with her lover, Lady Attar, at the Three of Cups in Saltown near the docks. It happened just days after she stole the fist-sized jewel known as the Jackal’s Eye from the sinister Cult of Maata Re, Mistress of Plagues. Her lover has not been seen since.

Amidst the stories of conspiracy and murder, the underworld of Highwater is abuzz with tales of the secret vault of the Queen of Thieves, where Tamar is thought to have kept priceless trophies of her many adventures, perhaps even the Jackal’s Eye, along with deadly traps to guard them. The race is on to find the vault; whoever does may become wealthy beyond their wildest imaginings.

The Secret Vault of the Queen of Thieves is a short city-based adventure geared for 3rd level and higher Torchbearer characters, though even lower level characters are viable if played skillfully. It should take a session or two of play. This scenario is set in the port city of Highwater, but you can drop it into your game whenever the characters visit a Bustling Metropolis or Busy Crossroads in your home setting.

This first "official" Torchbearer scenario since The Dread Crypt of Skogenby features fiendish traps, a new monster, a new town for adventurers to hail from and two new town locations – the Docks and the Thieves' Guild!

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Quests of Doom 4: Nightstone Keep (5e)
5th Edition Adventure
By Frog God Games

Nightstone Keep by Ed Greenwood (for 4 to 6 characters from 4th and 6th level).

This location-based adventure is centered on a ruined, long-disused stone keep in a temperate wild forest area (possibly not far off a caravan road or forest trail). The characters will be able to explore the ruins of the keep, which have become a plant colony, and attempt to wrest a powerful treasure from the clutches of the araunglyd, a gigantic sentient fungus. The araunglyd will attempt to thwart the players at every turn, using its drone-like minions to harass and hinder them as they go.

Also available for Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry.

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Wendy’s Guide to the Fleets of The Colonies
Traveller Supplement
By Gypsy Knight Games

Incoming Intelligence Brief, Captain!

It is often said that war is 90% information and, in 24th century Clement Sector, it is no different. While most governments have intelligence agencies which provide this sort of information, the general public relies on Wendy's Naval Weekly as the premier source of naval information. Most starship captains have Wendy's Naval Weekly on their handcomps or mindcomps.

Based on Cascadia, with offices established on all the major worlds of each subsector, Wendy’s Naval Weekly has continued to publish monthly reports and annual summaries on naval development, technologies, and defense news throughout the entirety of Clement Sector since the Collapse event eleven years ago.

Wendy’s Guide to the Fleets of The Colonies is the fifth and final entry of a series that collates all available information to provide a comprehensive overview of Clement Sector navies and their fleets. Each of these books will briefly outline a system’s navy or defense force, provide some insight to how that organization functions and provide a list of the ships or in-system vessels that are reported to be in commission.

Now that information is available to you!

This book provides information on all of the fleets of the subsectors of The Colonies: Peel, Dade, Dawn, and Superior. The book covers every ship currently operated in those fleets, their doctrines, and even their uniforms. The book also contains an in-depth discussion of the Australia-class Cruiser operated by the New Perth Navy providing all of the detail you've come to expect from our Ships of Clement Sector series.

Get your briefing today!

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A Blood and Bone Campaign
By Arcana Games

A ragged band of mercenaries is all that stands between a starving northern village and the wolves at its door.

Sellswords is a small introductory campaign, comprised of three chapters.

This encapsulates 12-16 hours of gameplay.

The book is fully illustrated, containing game master aids such as read-aloud text and npc stat blocks.

The campaign uses the Blood and Bone core system and is set in the world of Ossura.

It can be easily adapted to other systems and settings.

The structure is simple, straight forward, and conveniently laid out.

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The Serpent’s Brood
Against the Dark Yogi Adventure
By Tab Creations

The kingdom’s children have been stolen!

For a cosmic age, Sahasrapara the great serpent, has slept. Now events are afoot in Ewanti Kingdom that could wake the ancient snake, bringing upon Bhurloka a time of untold destruction. Despite political deceptions and vengeful assassins, only the heroes can stand between the great serpent and its cataclysmic goal!

Against the Dark Yogi: The Serpent's Brood is an adventure supplement for Against the Dark Yogi. It features an epic tale that will send the heroes after the city of Neshimati’s stolen chidren, before a sinister mantri can use them to awaken the great snake.

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Ultraverse Roleplaying System
Core Rulebook
By BA Studios

Ultraverse is a fast-paced system designed to create superheroic, fantasy, science fiction and countless other types of adventures for players. Each player assumes their own role as a character in each campaign that the Gamemaster (GM) creates. Ultraverse is designed to emulate the fictional powers and abilities found in the pages of four-color comic books. Polyhedral dice such as d20, d12, d10, d8, d6 and d4 are required for play in Ultraverse. Hexagonal or Square maps are useful but not required for playing. I have tried to make the system easy to understand, fast-paced, and simple for players to get started. I am proud to have created Ultraverse and hope the readers have fun gaming!

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GURPS Classic: Cyberpunk
GURPS Supplement
By Steve Jackson Games

Welcome to a world on the edge. GURPS Cyberpunk brings the gritty chrome-and-plastic streets of the cyberpunk future to the world of GURPS!

Cyberpunk is the genre of man plus machine – a dystopian fusion of the visions of George Orwell and Timothy Leary. It presents challenges far beyond that of the standard "loot the dungeon" themes – in a cyberpunk world, survival itself can be the ultimate success story!

GURPS Cyberpunk doesn't tie you down to one specific background. Instead, it provides rules to simulate any type of environment, from the gutters of New York City to the injection-molded walls of orbital habitats.

Because GURPS Cyberpunk is based on the award-winning GURPS rules, it's possible to create any character type. From gang members and fly-by-night netrunners to black market software dealers, cyborged bodyguards and bioengineered ninja – they're all here.

Included in this book are:​

  • [*=center]New Advantages – from Alternate Identities to Contacts.
    [*=center]New Disadvantages – including Cyber Rejection Syndrome, Dying and Zeroed.
    [*=center]New Skills – such as Cyberdeck Operation and Video Production.
    [*=center]Cyberwear – all the equipment needed to turn the man-on-the-street into a cybernetic killing machine.
    [*=center]Brain Implants – from temporary chipped skills to data plugs to a built-in computer.
    [*=center]Netrunning rules – hardware and software to penetrate the realistic computer networks of the 20th century or the artificial reality of cyberspace.
    [*=center]Campaign advice – Over 30 pages on creating a cyberpunk campaign, both world design and adventure writing.
    [*=center]And much, much more . . .



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Stuffed Fables
2-4 players, ages 7+, 60-90+ minutes
By Plaid Hat Games

Stuffed Fables is an unusual adventure game in which players take on the roles of brave stuffies seeking to save the child they love from a scheming, evil mastermind. Make daring melee attacks, leap across conveyor belts, or even steer a racing wagon down a peril-filled hill. The game delivers a thrilling narrative driven by player choices. Players explore a world of wonder and danger, unlocking curious discoveries. The chapters of Stuffed Fables explore the many milestones of a child's life, creating a memorable tale ideal for families, as well as groups of adults who haven't forgotten their childlike sense of wonder.

Stuffed Fables is the first "AdventureBook Game", a new product line from Plaid Hat Games in which all of the action takes place in the unique storybook — a book that acts as your rules reference, story guide, and game board, all in one! Each adventure in the game takes place over several pages of the immersive AdventureBook. The book opens flat onto the table to reveal a colorful map or other illustration central to playing the game, with choices, story, and special rules on the opposite page.

On their turn, a player draws five dice from the bag. The colors of the dice drawn determine the types of actions and options available to the player. White dice can re-stuff stuffies injured in battle. Red dice perform melee attacks while green dice perform ranged attacks. Yellow dice search while blue dice are used for special actions and purple dice can be used as any color. Most dice can always find a strategic use, including moving, using items, or contributing to group tasks. Players can store dice for later, combine dice for stronger actions, or use them one-at-a-time for multiple activations. As turns go by, black dice are also drawn, and after enough appear, minions emerge or attack, and the dice bag is reset!

Players can encourage each other by sharing dice or their precious stuffing. In addition to fighting minions, each page of the storybook offers numerous points of interest, charming characters to interact or trade with, as well as many unusual challenges. And each page is but one chapter that folds into a branching, overarching story with a multitude of items and a special discovery deck full of surprises.

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Down the White Nile Data Pack
Netrunner LCG Expansion
By Fantasy Flight Games

What Jinteki secrets does Jinja hold? Down the White Nile is the second Data Pack in the "Kitara Cycle" for Android: Netrunner – The Card Game, and its sixty cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) reinforce the Kitara Cycle's focus on the tense interactions between Corp and Runner. These interactions hinge largely upon the secrets Jinteki's locked behind the doors of its Kisu2 Hospital. Bacteria and viruses (both physical and virtual) feature heavily, as do a new Shaper identity, new programs, ice, ambushes, and agendas that pay the Corp even if they're stolen.

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The Pallid Mask
Arkham Horror LCG Expansion
By Fantasy Flight Games

From the streets of Paris to the city's subterranean catacombs, your pursuit of the truth behind The King in Yellow leads you farther and farther from Arkham's familiar landmarks. But the streets, the language, and the eerie, dark tunnels aren't the only foreign elements at play. There's something distinctly otherworldly in the Parisian catacombs…

In The Pallid Mask scenario, you and your fellow investigators will enter these tunnels in search of a stranger whom you believe must be connected to the events surrounding the performance of The King in Yellow at the Ward Theatre in Arkham. But with each new strange twist and turn, you'll find yourselves only stepping deeper into mystery. Perhaps you can follow the tunnels all the way to the pulsing heart of the play's mysteries, but there's a chance, too, you'll simply find yourselves lost amid the shifting landscape. What begins as a trek through moist and clammy tunnels of stone may become a journey that leads you under the earth, through The Gate to Hell, and straight to your demise at the Well of Souls or some other forgotten chamber.

Destined to be a fan-favorite, the scenario from The Pallid Mask utilizes the game's locations in a novel way, bringing them into play only as you travel through them, and arranging them in a constantly shifting and unpredictable fashion. Each new step through these labyrinths could be your last.

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Tea & Trade
Fields of Arle Expansion
By Z-Man Games

Return to East Frisia and bring more variety to your labors in the far North with the Tea & Trade expansion for Fields of Arle! This expansion adds tea — the national beverage of East Frisia — to energize your workers, as well as new ships for trading and fishing. Choose from a bevy of new features to add to your farm, including ditches that dehydrate your land and new buildings that grant you more options for maximizing your yields. With components to add a third player to the game, more players can enjoy the game than ever before. With new buildings, actions, and abilities, Tea & Trade includes everything you need to become a true 19th century farming magnate!

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2-4 players, ages 8+, 40+ minutes
By FoxMind

In Manhattan, players construct a skyline of skyscrapers over several districts, or city blocks, of Manhattan Island. Ultimately, each player seeks to have built the tallest buildings in the most city blocks of the Island.

Each turn, players will play a card that illustrates which part of a city block they may place a "floor" on a building. The placement card is unique for each player in that the section they may place in is relative to their seating at the table. The player who has placed the top most floor controls that building. Each round, scores are tallied based on control of each of the neighborhoods.

At the end of the game, the player who has scored the most points through area control and tallest buildings wins.

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Age of Thieves
Masters of Disguise Expansion
By Galakta

While master thieves hide in the shadows and plan their next moves, two new characters enter the city. At first, they don’t seem very suspicious – just an elderly lady with a rusty cat and a wandering actor. However, appearances can be deceptive and the new characters will soon prove that!

Age of Thieves: Masters of Disguise is the first expansion for the unique game Age of Thieves, in which players impersonate the masters of shadows and try to steal the precious Emperors Jewel. The expansion introduces two new characters along with miniatures, special abilities and character sheets, entirely new mechanics (burglary and sewer cards) and a unique scenario.

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Wanted: Rich or Dead
2-5 players, ages 14+, 30+ minutes
By Galakta

Howdy pard! Heel yourself with a proper six shooter and prepare for a real shootout.

In Wanted 2-5 players will take on a roles of an infamous Old West characters and shoot their way to the riches. Each turn the players are secretly choosing one of the five locations they’re heading to. After revealing the cards, the characters can use the special ability connected with that location – you can rob a Bank, buy something useful at a General Store etc. Unless of course two or more players choose the same spot – then it comes to a shootout with only one gunslinger winning at the end. The player who have the most money at the end, wins the game.

Wanted is a fast and fun experience with tons of interaction. Each character has his own set of 5 cards, which allow him to move and are also used during a shootout. Although there’s also a luck factor involved with a single dice used to determine the outcome of shooting abilities, each character plays differently and has his own strengths and weaknesses. You can try to get the best items and use them to your advantage, try to avoid other players and steal as much as you can or just go straight into a fight to stop the other players from using the locations’ abilities. The choice is yours but remember – this town is really small and you’ll eventually find yourself in the midst of a shootout.

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2-5 players, ages 14+, 45+ minutes
By Game Salute

In the near future, talented space corporations and agencies set out to explore, mine, and colonize outer space. Your organisation will compete to design the most efficient and powerful spacecraft, to gather scientific knowledge, construct facilities on distant worlds, and transport colonists to the farthest reaches of our Solar System. Charge up the monster rocket boosters, crew up, and race for space!

Designed by King's Forge designer Nick Sibicky, Farlight is a well-oiled game of blind bidding, tile placement, and light resource management. Each turn players will make bids for spacecraft module designs or missions, and assemble spacecraft designed to complete missions of increasing difficulty. The game is for 2-5 players, and plays in around 45 minutes.

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Twilight of the Gods
2-4 players, ages 13+, 20-30+ minutes
By Victory Point Games

In Twilight of the Gods you and your friends will each assume the role of a deity from myth and legend, and battle to the death to see who is the strongest god, using human armies, mystical beasts, and heroes of renown from both past and future.

These deities span multiple pantheons, from numerous civilizations, and each favors a particular method of strategy - Aggression, Negotiation, Mysticism, or Sanctuary - which influences how your battle will play out. Every deity also possesses a special, once per game power that can be used to further the tide of battle in your favor, or come back from what seems like overwhelming defeat, so never count an opponent out until they draw their last card.

Now go forth and let none stand in your way!

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2-4 players, ages 12+, 120+ minutes
By Capstone Games

Wildcatters is a tactical and strategic board game set during the booming business of the 19th century oil industry!

The players are oil barons who develop oil fields; bid for oil rights; and build rigs, oil tankers, trains, and refineries. Your goal is to deliver more oil barrels to the continents than the other players while also collecting more shares and money then them.

The game lasts seven rounds with four players, and the game set-up is the same for each player, with three rigs, two trains, one tanker and one refinery being placed on the board. The game board features a world map divided into eight areas where you can find oil. Players choose an open area card and get money to build rigs, tankers, trains and refineries, after which they can buy oil actions. The players work together in an oilfield to find oil at a lower cost. The players transport oil together to the refineries, using trains and tankers from other players to deliver oil to the refineries – and all with one purpose: deliver more oil than the other players by the end of the game.

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Alien Frontiers 5th Edition
2-4 players, ages 14+, 60-90+ minutes
By Clever Mojo Games / Game Salute

Do you have what it takes to be a deep space colonist? An alien frontier awaits the brave and daring! This new planet will be harsh, but if you have the skills to manage your resources, build a fleet, research alien life, and settle colonies, the world can be yours.

Alien Frontiers is a game of resource management and planetary development for two to four players. During the game you will utilize orbital facilities and alien technology to build colony domes in strategic locations to control the newly discovered world.

The game board shows the planet, its moon, the stations in orbit around the planet, and the solar system’s star. The dice you are given at the start of the game represent the space ships in your fleet. You will assign these ships to the orbital facilities in order to earn resources, expand your fleet, and colonize the planet.

As the game progresses, you will place your colony tokens on the planet to represent the amount of control you have over each territory. Those territories exert influence over specific orbital facilities and, if you control a territory, you are able to utilize that sway to your advantage.

The planet was once the home of an alien race and they left behind a wondrous artifact in orbit. Using your fleet to explore the artifact, you will discover amazing alien technologies that you can use to advance your cause.

Winning the game will require careful consideration as you assign your fleet, integrate the alien technology and territory influences into your expansion plans, and block your opponents from building colonies of their own. Do you have what it takes to conquer an alien frontier?

Roll and place your dice to gain advantages over your opponent and block them out of useful areas of the board. Use Alien Tech cards to manipulate your dice rolls and territory bonuses to break the rules. Steal resources, overtake territories, and do whatever it takes to get your colonies on the map first! Don't dream it'll be easy, though, because the other players will be trying to do the same thing.

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Expansion Pack #7
Alien Frontiers Expansion
By Clever Mojo Games / Game Salute


  • [*=center]3 Alien Tech Cards (for use with Alien Frontiers)
    • Neutrino Missile Salvo
    • Pocket Universe
    • Ring Repeater

    [*=center]2 Salvage Cards (for use with Alien Frontiers: Outer Belt)
    [*=center]Tactical Meteoroids

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Alien Frontiers: Factions
Alien Frontiers Expansion
By Clever Mojo Games / Game Salute

Alien Frontiers: Factions adds a number of items to the Alien Frontiers base game:​

  • [*=center]Ship and colony tokens for a fifth player.
    [*=center]Factions (thus the name), with each faction providing its owner a special ability and new orbital facilities under his control.
    [*=center]Agendas, which are hidden objectives that allow a player to earn bonus points at game's end or when the agenda is revealed in-game.
    [*=center]New Alien Tech cards, such as the Lunar Tunneler, which will allow its owner to pay one fuel to receive an extra ore when using the Lunar Mine. This card's discard power will send all ships docked at the Lunar Mine to the Maintenance Bay, which can be useful when the Mine is clogged with high-value ships.

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Power Pack #1: Be Not Afraid & A Spider Web
Small World Expansion
By Days of Wonder

This Power Pack combines all Races and Special Powers from the Be Not Afraid… and A Spider’s Web Small World expansions, along with a tray to store all the tokens.

· 8 Race banners (Barbarians, Homunculi, Pixies, Ice Witches, Leprechauns, Pygmies, Skags & Slingmen)
· 8 Special Power badges (Barricade, Catapult, Copycat, Corrupt, Imperial, Lava, Mercenary & Soul-Tiouch)
· 42 various tokens
· 98 Race tokens

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Power Pack #2: Cursed, Grand Dames & Royal
Small World Expansion
By Days of Wonder

This Power Pack combines all Races and Special Powers from Cursed! Grand Dames of Small Wolrd, and the Ryal Bonus, along with a tray to store all the tokens.

· 8 Race banners (Fauns, Goblins, Gypsies, Igors, Kobolds, Priestesses, Shrubmen & White Ladies)
· 10 Special Power badges (Aquatic, Behemoth, Cursed, Fireball, Historian, Hordes of, Marauding, Peace Loving, Ransacking & Were-)
· 42 various tokens
· 98 Race tokens

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Bag O’ Bullets
Bag O’ Hearts
Zombies!!! Accessories
By Twilight Creations

View attachment 93342

The White Box
Boardgaming Accessory
By Atlas Games

The White Box is a learning, planning, and prototyping tool for tabletop game designers.

Inside you’ll find The White Box Essays, a book of 25 essays on game design and production. It covers subjects like where to find a great concept, how to use randomness, what to ask playtesters, whether you should self-publish, how to crowdfund wisely, and what to do at game conventions.

The White Box also contains a ton of components to get you designing right away:
· 3 counter sheets with 71 pre-printed and 49 blank counters
· 150 small wooden cubes in six colors
· 36 wooden meeples in six colors
· 6 giant wooden cubes in six colors
· 12 six-sided dice in six colors
· 110 plastic discs in eight colors

If you believe designing board and card games sounds challenging, rewarding, and fun, The White Box is for you.



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Chimaera Expansion Pack
Star Wars Armada
By Fantasy Flight Games

Grand Admiral Thrawn arrives to the battles of Star Wars Armada in the Chimaera Expansion Pack. Along with the chance to command your fleet with this brilliant, blue-skinned Chiss tactician, the Chimaera Expansion Pack introduces an Imperial Star Destroyer adorned with a distinctive chimaera design, two Mandalorian Gauntlet squadrons, six ship cards, and seventeen other upgrades. Altogether, these materials don’t just give your Star Destroyer a different aesthetic; they allow it to fill entirely new tactical and strategic roles within your Imperial Fleet.

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Profundity Expansion Pack
Star Wars Armada
By Fantasy Flight Games

With its powerful ship and cunning commander, the Profundity Expansion Pack, for Star Wars Armada, lends new hope to the rag-tag Rebel fleet. Its miniature pre-painted MC75 star cruiser boasts an impressive array of weapons, armor, and shields, and it comes with two ship cards and fourteen upgrades that feature Admiral Raddus, Jyn Erso, and other notable characters from Rogue One. Together, these crew members and the Profundity Title upgrade allow you to make a wide range of clever adjustments to your overall strategy.



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Ultra Prism Theme Deck
Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon Expansion
By Pokemon

View attachment 93338

Ultra Prism Booster
Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon Expansion
By Pokemon

View attachment 93337

Shining Legends Pin Collection Marshadow
Pokemon TCG Expansion
By Pokemon

View attachment 93336

Extreme Force 1st Edition Booster
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Expansion
By Konami

The above list has been compiled based upon distributor and retail new releases mailouts I receive. Please note that there may be some geographic differences in release dates and/or availability of items. Please contact your local store for more information.

Please note: Some of the links in the post above may be “affiliate links”. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item the author of this post will receive an affiliate commission.

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Ultraverse was a great line of comics that I really enjoyed. The cover picture doesn't have any of the iconic characters that one would expect if they got the rights to use the name.

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