New Horizon Development | Coming Q1 2020

My friends, I thank you all for viewing this thread. A special thanks to those who have followed it from the start.

Debriefing starts now,

  • My Struggle You saw the life of a real and dedicated game designer here, firsthand.
  • My Passion Don't ever, ever, let anyone stop you from accomplishing your goals.
  • My Mission Showed you there's more to tabletop rpg games than the other 100 systems out there.
  • My Belief The market is currently in self-destruct mode.
  • The Future Play Death Stranding By Hideo Kojima. Seriously.

I've accomplished my objective for New Horizon. Today, I can call this book my bible. Written by me, and me alone. My work.

What you do from this point on is entirely up to you. For those who are hesitant because they didn't like my persona, I'll just say this, stop being silly. If you really don't buy it because of me, you're depriving yourself from a great experience. It's not what your friends say, it's not what your neighbors say, it's what you say. When you don't buy my product out of shear ignorance, you're causing me no harm. I chose to be here and share a great experience with all of you. I've the game by my side, and that's all I play today. I strongly believe that's all you'll play too! Works great with Astral btw. Those playing it today are having a blast, as the ratings are beginning to reflect it.

Stop by from time to time, for exclusive updates and discounts.

New Horizon walks on its own feet today, and there's nothing more rewarding than collection the fruits of my hard work.

As a professional, I must refrain from engaging publicly in one-on-one conversations. It's the best way to grow and receive the respect I deserve.

Thank you for all the good times! Please don't forget to check out the Collector's Edition.

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2020 ENnie Runner!

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With New Horizon already released, I'm rolling out modest free supplements at least three times a week.
You can find them at the game's website: DOWNLOAD: EZORIAN DISHES VOLS. 1-3 FREE! – NEW HORIZON BY FELIX, J.

If you haven't already purchased the game, and want to save a few bucks, you'll find coupons within some of these supplements. Coupons subject to expire

Regarding Sales,
There won't be any major sale publicly. In order to get special discounts, be sure to subscribe for my news and updates through DTRPG.
That way, you can benefit from special black friday offers that are coming soon.

More about free supplements

This free product is offered as is, and it's designed to give players a new challenge to play alongside the main game. Vol.4, provides a small quest with challenging opponents you can defeat, while exploring the labyrinth of Bi'Yatt in search of the master demon. For more, visit NEW HORIZON BY FELIX, J. – A DARK FANTASY TABLETOP ROLEPLAYING GAME | POWERED BY LUDENS 2.0


You'll need the actual game in order to play it the way it's meant to be played. If you wish to adapt these adventures to whatever system you're playing, be my guest.

The wraith, leads the way.

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My Stance On The Whole LoTFP Drama From 09/27 @ DTRPG
As seen here:

Dear customer, have you heard of all the craziness happening lately!?
I'm no news anchor, but I sure want to bring you the news this morning.

LoTFP just went on to anger everyone with their latest title:
Before you go, please know I don't support them in any way and I believe DTRPG should have banned the author.

Reminder: The special members exclusive sale for New Horizon ends Sunday 9/29. I hope you enjoy your adventures in Ezora. Be sure to checkout the latest free supplements available for the game, Vols. 1-5.

Felix, J


K&L October Newsletter
In this monthly newsletter
  • Waiting for your feedback
  • Issues along the way
  • Free Supplements
Dear customer, Welcome to the Oct. Newsletter, in this issue I'm bringing forth some very very very real issues I've encountered recently that are making me feel rather displeased with the state that the market is in for a while now.

Let's start with one key issue. I need to hear you feedback in order to improve my products, in order to make it better for you. New Horizon debuted Sep 1st and while the game is selling daily, I've only received feedback from five purchasers, and 1 review.

If you liked the game, please take a second to visit the link and leave your rating and or review. I really need to understand you thoughts on the title in order to further expand and enhance it. I made the game for you, and believe it or not, I can't play the game as much as you'd like to because I'm always marketing it.

Here's the issue, the market looks big right? Truth is, it isn't. There's thousands of supplements out there, but few complete games. There's a big war of information to get to the end user which is you, the customer.

Things get dirty, it isn't a clean fight. I ran into liars, trolls, and no-life individuals more often then I would like. Some are downright scary, while others are plainly hilarious. Truth is, you might have no clue of what I deal with to get this product to you.

Zealots run the market, they don't want to make room for legit game designers like myself. If you own New Horizon you already know why they worry. It's plain and simple, NH isn't the best game out there, it's its own type of TRPG and it's affordable. It just makes some of these other guys look silly.

Can you believe NH wasn't featured in the newsletter? I think it's ridiculous when you receive a response such as, "Couldn't fit it, because if the newsletter is too big (one or two more links) then you, the buyer, won't read it… Make your own idea of the subject. Bottom line is, I need your help to spread the word about New Horizon in order to keep it growing.

Regarding free supplements
Hope you're enjoying them. More are on the way!

Best regards,
Felix, J.

3 new free supplements for you to use with NH, or whatever.

3 More New Horizon Supplements For You! – NEW HORIZON BY FELIX, J.

Reminder that you're missing subscriber exclusive deals by not being subscribed to my news and updates at dtrpg. Right now, subs are receiving yummy exclusive discounts the outside public doesn't have access to. It's as easy as checking a box, click here to go there now.

This free product is offered as is, and it's designed to help players overcome challenges they will encounter during the game.


In teh first paragraph alone, EN World rules are violated several times. I suggest you review the rules, and follow them in the future. (see the "Terms and rules" link at the bottom of every page).
When SJW extremists post their reviews... Personally loved the part that says classic K&L was copper (because I demanded it) when in fact it was nearly gold. And the other wild speculation that the print version of New Horizon doesn't exist. Just what the F is this naughty word? All this hating is indeed very unhealthy for you. Let's not forget the part that the writer claims I used their ideas gtfo this made me cringe. Sounds just like the typical RPGGEEK Sleezyness to me, too bad I can't reply because they banned me for being "antagonistic" go figure. Can't wait to get a real professional reviewer!

Review by SJW below Toxic! Wear mask!

The noisome gut pile that was Knights & Legends has been flushed from online distribution, presumably so it won't "confuse" players of New Horizon. The only remaining bodagget of Knights & Legends is the silly Knights & Legends Ezorian Map Print. Given that Knights & Legends was the best-selling game in 2018 (the publisher demanded it was a Copper Seller), this may be really surprising.

However, the swap-out is explained by New Horizon being a "2020 ENnie Runner" for "Best Tabletop RPG". In the publisher's inimitable style, I think that means they self-nominated to the ENnies.

How does a game become an ENnie "Runner"? Somebody fills out an online form. How does it get to be a "Runner" for "Best Tabletop RPG"? It doesn't; you submit to the ENnies and they categorize it. But, let's not argue about facts when facts are concerned. Let's go take a look at New Horizon: A Dark Fantasy Adventure Core Book.

The publisher lately has been dumping several "supplements" onto DriveThru to make the game seem more substantive. To date, these items all are one-page rectangles of toilet paper, presenting trivial randomalia. They're worth what you pay for them - nothing. As an example, in one we learn that "Goldhorn Cheesecake" costs K$ 5. Heady stuff, that. The seemingly most-useful one, Quick NPC Generator, is six columns of d6 randomizers that yields such pithy NPCs as: "Thy name is Sha'Quita, born Transgender, with a rather Thuggish personality and a Normal body, Birthplace was Loriwhyn, and is of Other Origin."

This leaves only the core book for consideration. It's available as a PDF or, so we are told, as a print "Collector's Edition". The prematurely-named "Collector's Edition" was scheduled to be "showcased" on a live stream but that didn't happen for obscure reasons that we're all grateful for. Not at all because it doesn't exist, of course. Oh, no. It's for other reasons.

Per the Engrish advertisement (appearing in the publisher's September "newsletter", where self-advertising space is free), the "Digital" version is: "affordable, good quality, SM file size, smartphones, watermaked [sic], printable, and desktop". Meanwhile, the "Collector" version is: "fully supports dev, premium quality, made for fans!, extra durability, great memory, glossy finish, great gift". If you can make sense of those bullet lists then you've been drinking too much for too long.

Proving that old <name redacted> ordered way too many miniature Ezorian poster maps, you can buy the core book download "bundled" with a map for a mere $0.98 more than you can buy just the core book download. Which covers the shipping/handling of the map ("The price was carefully balanced to make up for the standard shipping fee"). Let me go way out on a limb here and predict that even by giving them away, they're still going to have way too many of them.

Like a masochist self-flagellating, let's get down to punishment. The core book is really huge. Like, many megabytes huge - almost four pages per meg. Yep, clocking in at a whopping 54 MEGs of "SM file size", this sick download will choke your PDF viewer whether you use it "smartphones", "desktop", or "fully supports dev". We expect nothing less from Knights & Legends Tabletop RPG. If it ain't bloat, it ain't K&L! As an added bonus, the PDF contains no embedded text - it's all helpfully graphical, so you don't end up wasting your time searching the rules with automated tools like "Find..."

The game itself uses the farcical Ludens "system" which is simply the poopy old Knights & Legends rules with many of the suggestions I provided in Variant Knights & Legends implemented in some places (my level system, my skill revisions, my spell revisions, and my armor suggestions form the bulk of the updates - almost all the new monsters are mine, too). In that respect, I have to grudgingly admit the game is a couple ångstroms closer to actually-playable than it used to be. Heck, I should practically be credited as a co-author. Though I suspect the note that "all of this was made possible, thanks to the feedback and support of fans" is as close as I'm ever going to get. Surprisingly generous, actually. In keeping with today's various "Powered by... <some legitimate system>" buzzphrase, Ludens is "powered by polyhedral dice." Eyeroll.

New Horizon "focuses in overcoming its predecessors flaws" - which I'm surprised to hear after so many of the publisher's invective-drenched protestations that the predecessor was flawless. The book refers to itself by many titles, one of the most amusing being "Knights & Legends: New Horizon", because, you know, it's completely new and different.

The rules are problematic immediately - they say that by playing you'll "experience a bloodbath in combat with severed limbs, impairing debilities and illnesses, along with the brand new, parry & counter combat maneuver". None of that is particularly true as combat only involves subtracting hit points. The new "family tree system" means if your character dies you can play their offspring. Radical idea, that!

Your characters have the time to generate offspring, too, because this game is set 50-years after the Knights & Legends the Rogue Priest Expansion and Campaign, in a new village named Heinburg, "founded by retired templars of the xhinian church", as "a newly found haven for the brave men who sought breaking apart from the kingdom of Vancroft" and "with the help of the dwarven council" when "Sir Caliban's wife was chosen to rule as sovereign queen; Under others". If you're not sure how a sovereign queen rules "Under others" or you haven't heard of Sir Caliban, don't worry - they never again appear in the book.

As an aside: yes, this game continues the tradition of randomly inserting commas every fifth or sixth, word and in leaving, them out where they should be. And expanding on; the tradition semi-colons have been added to the punctuation slurry. And; random Words still, Get capitalized.

Now we come to what is, after all, the entire crux of the problem with this so-called game - "The Concept". Which is a "game focused on one main goal, The adventure teller, or AT, narrates the tale which a party of up to four players will control their own custom actor, normally referred to as CA". Yes, yes, this game is focused on the main goal of letting the adventure teller tell the adventure to the unfortunate players who, really, do nothing more than nod and smile. To make sure you get it, there is even an "Etiquette" section which enumerates:

"1 - Always listen to the AT"
"2 - Avoid arguing with the AT"
"3 - Silence your mobile device"
"4 - Avoid unnecessary distractions"
"5 - Don't cheat"

And if player's won't follow the Etiquette by nodding and smiling while the AT tells them the adventure? Well, "ATs are responsible for keeping players informed and compliant". And be careful - "Players, could easily detract from tasks by choosing an action or choice not previously listed in the book". Good heavens! If it's all seeming a bit too complicated, then don't worry because the rules state - as a rule - the game is a "game that is enjoyed by everyone, at all times". If you're not having fun, you're not playing by the rules.

Here's how you generate a character. There are two steps. Step 1: "pick a name", remembering that "Customization is key!" I take that to mean that characters shouldn't all have the same name? Step 2: "There's a wide range of traits to be picked from; Including, gender, age, color, personality, beliefs, and moral codes, The objective being, to make the hero feel alive, and no different than any of us." After you give up trying to parse that, perhaps you'll maybe wonder how to reconcile "customization" with "no different than any" and I can't help you much with that, other than to quote from the rules that "Players who feel confident about their drawing skill, should do so."

While the rules don't actually allow you to pick a race, there are several playable races. Human ("Deyhdration, could result in, -1 to all stats"); Orc ("In some cases, three days without eating would cause certain death"); Dwarf ("Firm believers in democracy and, diplomacy"); Valkin ("Lack of a healthy diet, could lead to severe complications of organs; And the rotting of wing cartilage. Causing their wings to collapse, and leading to unavoidable death"); Elf (Once an Elf dies, their bodies turn into tree-like structures. To avoid that, elves take a special concotion made of natural herbs; Delaying the rooting effect"). Gosh, the last thing I want to have happen to my left-behind corpse is rooting!

Interested parties may remember how deeply sexist the Knights & Legends ruleset is. New Horizon (2019) has a totally new take on being deeply sexist. In the "old" method, females were penalized across the board by having their Ability values arbitrarily decreased. That's not at all the case, here. Because, "all characters begin their existence with their stats locked at 5" and "In New Horizon, both genders of all races, share neutral stats". There, the problem is solved. Both sexes start out with straight 5s - locked! The rules go on, though - "But don't worry! The neutrality will be adjusted once you pick a class". Thank goodness, I was so worried that New Horizon would lose that stinky sexist charm that made Knights & Legends so overwhelmingly olfactory.

No, here your stats are "locked" at 5... until you pick your Class. Then your stats are "unlocked" and females are penalized for being female, class by class, race by race, stat by stat, across the board. Don't blame the author, though! It's not the adventure teller's fault the game is a pile of sexist sludge (the AT wouldn't even recognize sexism if it was shoved up their ass, so how could they be sexist?). No, it's not the fault of the publisher or even the fantabadoozie Ludens game system. It's destiny. It's unavoidable: "Each race, possess male and female characteristics. That's how the ezorian gods wished them to be". We all know the gods must be crazy. In Ezoria, the gods are crazy assholes.

I've always wondered why K&L and, now, New Horizon, are specifically noted as being only playable by "a party of up to four". I think I've figured it out. The first (and only) AT who uses this gaming diarrhea sits with their "Collector" copy, at a table with four empty chairs and wonders what it would be like to have one, two, three, or even - gasp - four people gathered around the table, listening to the AT tell the story in incomprehensible Engrish, preventing them from detracting from the story by forcing them to be "informed and compliant", "powered by polyhedral dice". Once again, after a long wait, nobody comes to sit down. And the AT talks a new "adventure" and spews out superlative-Engrish-mingled-with-punctuation ad copy for posting on a newfound site that hasn't yet banned their account.

Conclusions? As hilariously, unintelligibly, hideously detestable as the prior edition. Now with all new sexism!

Celebrating Copper, tis only the beginning

Brothers and sisters, by now everyone knows reaching copper best seller is a minimum achievement. However, it shouldn't go unnoticed. The game has only been out for a month, but it's definitely on the right track. I thank you all who made this possible and I remind you this is only the beginning. I'll not rest until New Horizon becomes the top RPG in the world, this is my mission. If you possess the sacred book by now I've already bestowed you with knowledge you won't find anywhere else.

Expect more haters to rise along the way, it comes with inevitable success. NH is a premium product without a label, not your typical Indie TRPG. And like previously mentioned, some will stop at nothing to stain its image. You who possess thy book, must spread its message to your fellow brothers because this is our only true outer haven.

Take advantage of this forum exclusive discount for a limited time. Click Here. None shall be excluded from this wonderful experience.


I am kindly stepping down from this forum due to several factors mostly not related to here, but to avoid the same thing from happening again I prefer to just bow out. Following recent events of's ultra censorship, I can whole heartily say I am disgusted with the archaic, hostile, and controlling behavior some of the mods from various communities choose to exercise. I am not a child, and therefore will not allow anyone to treat me like one. If you can't be yourself and able to express your art the way you want then it's just not good enough for me. Thank you for your time, if you've purchased my titles please know this decision is to insure there won't be further misinterpretations and false rumors regarding my person or my products in certain communities.

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