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WOIN New Release on DrivethruRPG 15 Careers for W.O.I.N.

Micah Cael

First Post
Hi all,

I have just released a new publication for ENPublishings WOIN RPG system. It features 15 careers for OLD, NOW, and NEW, to supplement the preexisting career list. You may find the link to the publication here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/257990

5 OLD Careers: Gigamancy, School of Light and Dark, Constructology, the Hunter, and Trapper

5 NOW Careers: Samurai, Freerunner, Vagrant, Shadow Strider, Powerlifter

5 NEW Careers: Gadgeteer, Politician, Trickshot, Zephyr, Treasure Hunter

Dynamic Exploits: Each set of careers has exploits that build upon one another creating a sort of “build” that has
potential to create fun opportunities in combat, exploration, and roleplaying alike.

Optional Rules: There is a set of optional rules for playing the Trapper and Trickshot, allowing different styles of play depending on what the GM and PC are looking for.

I really hope you all enjoy this publication. If you find any Errata, feel free to post it here.

I want to thank everyone who purchased and reviewed my last publication: 15 Careers for WOIN
. Last night I made the first update correcting some grammatical errors, rules, spelling, and adjusting some formatting. If you already purchased it, please redownload so you will have a much more table-friendly version

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Purchased. Took a cursory glance but it looks pretty cool. I'll offer more comments once I've sat back and read it fully.

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