New SANTIAGO website; Plus previews of Fangwood Keep and Gnome Stew's Odyssey!

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  • In addition to our new websites for ZEITGEIST and War of the Burning Sky, we now have a brand new site for the SANTIAGO: A Myth of the Far Future adventure path which is coming this year. SANTIAGO is a far-future adventure path for the PATHFINDER RPG and D&D 4th Edition, in which the PCs play bounty hunters on the trail of a legendary outlaw in a hunt which spans worlds. It's based on the novel by the multiple award-winning Mike Resnick and produced under license.
  • If there is one thing bad about PDFs, it is that there can be so many good ones coming out, all clamoring for my money. This is one of those weeks. Also this week in Pretty Darn Fun (A Look at New PDFs) we get a good look at how much the PDF marketplace can change, both in how it sells PDFs and in how it integrates technology. We are living in the days of change and the landscape of RPGs, and the mediums it uses, is in transition.
  • In this week's boardgaming column Do Not Pass Go, Fiddleback claims that Games Make You Better. The next time someone gives you a hard time about playing games as an adult, feel free to trot out this article and show them why they form an important part of your healthy, happy life.
  • Rel wants to know: What are you celebrating? Holidays and calendars in your game worlds can add to the verisimilitude (darn, I used that word!)
  • We have a new review of the Durance RPG! Convicts and colonists on a hellhole prison planet - what more could you want?
  • And Kamikaze Midget discusses Playing With Fear. What does your character fear? What anxieties keep them up at night, staring in to the dancing campfire? What insecurities do they have? What are they worried about? And how do they exhibit this in play? Plus an example of a fear mechanic for D&D 4E.

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  • The Lost Crown of Athalantar by Ed Greenwood"The lore of a crown, as well as the actual crown, can provide you with all manner of options in your game. Come see what Ed has to say about the Lost Crown of Athalantar and how you can use such an item in your game."
  • A Lineage in Art by Bart Carroll "The 2nd Edition reprints are about to release, and so what better time to look back through the art of these books? In this D&D Alumni article, we do just that—but instead of taking the broader view of the entire forest, we'll consider two of its trees (or treants) in particular..."

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  • Rusty Axe Games has produced some token packs that you download and print - a six-pack costs you $1.99. The first set is six dwarves.
  • Fantasy Flight Games has the latest preview up for the Game Of Thrones Card Game. The Captain's Command chapter pack once again focuses on the new Naval mechanic by adding more ships, locations, and naval related characters. The Captain's Command should be available for pre-order now.
  • FFG also has a discussion of the various difficulty modes available for The Lord of the Rings Card Game. Including the newly introduced easy mode, the article discusses how all three modes of play work and why you might be interested in them. A free PDF explains the rules of easy mode and is available for download.
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