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New Server Drive - donation and prize thread (Final total: $13,310!)


As linked from this announcement, this is the thread where we'll track donations and prizes. Any questions about our quest for a speedy server? Ask them here!

Donations Received or Pledged: 11/23 update - 375 people, and $13,310!

We've nailed our Platinum Goal. Incredible. We've called an "official" end to the formal drive. We'll still have some checks and donations coming in, of course, so we'll present an official total about two weeks from now. In the mean time, though, we'll be preparing our new servers that you guys have made possible.

We'll start the "everyone who donated!" pdf prize awarding by next week. Because we want to make sure checks are in, we'll start limited pdf / hard copy prize awarding the day after we announce our official total. Any donations who reach me before that date will be included in the prizes. Check post #2 of this thread for more cool prizes.

If you wanted to donate but aren't able to by tomorrow night, I see three options!

- use the money to purchase product from the amazing publishers who donated prizes. Those guys rock.

- donate anyways, even though it's after the cut-off date; we'll still use your money towards servers and hosting.

- use the money to buy Community Supporter memberships, which gives you cool benefits and also goes towards continued hosting and support.

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Prize donation pledged or delivered to date:

10 copies of Next Age Heroes by Wes Yahola

95 copies of Monster Geographica: Underground and 84 copies of A Magical Medieval Society: Ecology and Culture From Joe Browning and Suzi Yee of Expeditious Retreat Press (plus money to help cover shipping!)

5 copies of Dark Legacies Player's Guide from Red Spire Press (c/o Yuval Kordov)

5 copies of The Verdant World, a 110 page pdf in color from A New Arcadia (c/o Brendan McGuigan)

A copy of SRD 3.5 Revised from Creative Mountain Games (c/o Mark Clover) to every single person!

An author's copy of Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra boxed set (Green Ronin) by Ari Marmell

Donated by Jeff Ranger (Teflon Billy):
- Dwomercraft: Familiars..Dark Quest Games
- Warcraft the RPG...SSS
- Warcraft: Manual of Monsters...SSS
- Dragonstar: Starfarer's Handbook...FFG
- Dragonstar: Guide to the Galaxy...FFG
- Dragonstar: Raw Recruits...MEG
- Dragonstar: Heart of the Machine...MEG
- Everquest: Player's Handbook...SSS
- Everquest: Luclin...SSS
- Everquest: Solusek's Eye...SSS
- Evernight: the Darkest Setting of all
- Ultimate Divine Spellbook...Mongoose
- Way of the Witch...Citizen Games
- Dragonlance: Bestiary of Krynn...Sovereign Press
- Dragonlance: Age of Mortals...Sovereign Press
- Dragonlance: Key of Destiny...Sovereign Press

From Joseph Goodman at Goodman games:
- A copy of Dave Arneson's Blackmoor, autographed by Dave Arneson himself!

- A mint edition of the out-of-print and rare Dungeon Crawl Classics #1: Idylls of the Rat King

- A copy of The Shardsfall Quest, the latest release for DragonMech​
5 copies of World of Whitethorn 1B: The Village of Oester from Ed Cha at Open World, AND $150 of advertising at EN World on behalf of Indie Press Revolution

From Todd Crapper at Emerald Press, 50 copies of:
- Campaign Options: Mazes
- Campaign Options: Wilderness Masters
- Labyrinth of Oversoul
- Combat Options: Initiative
- Combat Options: Attack​

3 copies of both Denizens of Avadnu and Violet Dawn: Limited Edition Print Sets (seen here) from Inner Circle Games, courtesy of Jeffrey J. Visgaitis. In addition, Inner Circle is donating 50% of sales from all Denizens of Avadnu copies sold on RPGnow this month!

From Le Games, a copy of each for EVERY donor and all ENWorld staff!
- Artifacts I: Ducks of Ultimate Doom
- Synergy Artifacts
- Artifacts II: LAWN OF THE DEAD
- Personal Artifacts: Fight Leukemia! Edition

From Alea Publishing, 180 copies of Knight Guidebook Package which includes A Question of Honor: A Guidebook to Knights and A Question of Loyalty, matching Expeditious Retreat's donation!

From Vanishing Goblin Inc., 30 copies each of the pdfs “Betrayal at Shadewood Keep” and “Rooms with a View”

10 copies of the pdf magazine D20 Filtered (November issue) from Bradford Ferguson.

One copy each of Liber Sodalitas: The Blind Path and Liber Sodalitas; Erzsak's Drake Riders from Daniel M. Perez (hal whitewyrm) of Highmoon Media Productions

From Neal Levin at Dark Quest Games, we have 20 print copies each of:

- Taverner's Trusty Tome
- Lost Prehistorica
- Dweomercraft: Familiars​

Geoff Spakes at Dog House Rules is making available a copy of his full pdf catalog, including:

- Sidewinder: Recoiled
- Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin, Volume 1
- Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin, Volume 2
This is the ENnie-winning d20 Modern western game and all it's current support material.

Monte Cook has promised some recent Malhavoc products, details to follow.

Crothian, our worst lurker ever, has kindly donated:
- Seafarer's Handbook (FFG)
- Forgotten Realmns Campaign Setting (Wizards of the Coast)
- Monsters of Faerun (WotC)
- Magic of Faerun (WotC)
- Oathbound Campaign Setting (Bastion)
- Oathbound Wrack and Ruin (Bastion)
- Cataclysm on Cloudholme (Monkey God)
- Dancing Hut (Monkey God)
- Lock and Load (Iron Kingdoms)
- Treasures of Elbard (Monkey God)
- Blood and Fists (RPGObjects)
- Secrets of the Ancients (Eden)
- Hellstone Deep (Monkey God)
- Legions of Hell (Green Ronin)
- Modern Players Companion (Green Ronin)
- Blood and Guts (RPG Objects)
- Scarred Lands: Calastia (Sword and Sorcery)​

Cthulhu's Librarian (Rich Miller) is donating:

- Babylon 5 RPG & Fact Book core book (Mongoose)
- Babylon 5 Centauri Republic Fact Book (Mongoose)
- Babylon 5 The Fiery Trial (Mongoose)
- Lone Wolf RPG core book (Mongoose)
- Sorcery 1: The Shamutanti Hills (Myriador)
- Sorcery 2: Kharé - Cityport of Traps (Myriador)
- Arcana Unearthed: Plague of Dreams (Fiery Dragon)
- Vampires & Liches (Necromancer Games)
- A Lamentation of Thieves (Necromancer Games)

Justin D. Jacobson at Blue Devil Games is donating:
- A Blue Devil Games hat or t-shirt (donor's choice)
- A poster of Yildiray Cinar's T.O.M.C.A.T.S cover art
- A life-time "subscription" to all of their 1st Appearance products
- A signed copy of the Dawning Star Campaign Setting (due 2005 Q1)
- A character named after them in one of our products (donor's discretion)​

John Bowden of Ancient Awakenings is generously offering:
For $10 donation- The Complete Fool's Catalog or Paladins and Priests
For $15- Both
For $50- Valley of the Frozen Tears

Chris Davis of RPGObjects has donated a copy each of Legends of Excalibur, Blood and Relics, and Modern Backdrops. This will be a print copy within the US, or a pdf copy for out of the states.

Tavis Allison of Behemoth3 has donated:
Masters and Minions Horde Book 1 & 2 - 100+ copies for donors over $20!

Sean K. Reynolds asked us if anyone might be interested in some older edition stuff. We said "Yes!" and he offered:
- The New Argonauts (PDF)
- Skreyn's Register: The Bonds of Magic (print)
- Forgotten Realms: Volo's Guide to Waterdeep (print)
- Planescape: In the Cage: A Guide to Sigil
- AD&D adventure A1: Slave Pits of the Undercity
- AD&D adventure B3: Palace of the Silver Princess
(green cover, not the
"banned" version)
- AD&D adventure L2: The Assassin's Knot
- The Primal Order

Mario Barbati of Øone Games would like to donate its whole production to one prize winner, 34 e-books for a value of more than $190.00.

James Bell of Fiery Dragon Productions wishes to donate 10 BattleBox: Core Fantasy Sets and 10 copies of Counter Collection: Summoned Creatures

The amazing Claudio Pozas will donate 1 B+W character portrait.

Benjamin Durbin (Wulf Ratbane) of Bad Axe Games is donating two copies each of:
- Heroes of High Favor: Half Orcs
- Heroes of High Favor: Elves
- Heroes of High Favor: Halflings
- The Book of Unusual Treasures
- Grim Tales

Phil Reed of Ronin Arts will write a custom "A Dozen . . . " for one person. This custom PDF will be written after discussions with the randomly selected winner and, when completed, will be released as a free PDF. The randomly selected winner will have the chance to guide him through the creation process and he'll do what he can (within reason) to make the PDF fit their needs.

Kevin "Piratecat" Kulp is offering an extremely rare signed copy of "the worst game ever," Spawn of Fashan. Oh yes - it's that good.

The miniature manufacturer Magnificent Egos offers 5 “Spellbook” packs, 5 Pilgrims w/ Pistols, and 5 Spheres o’ Doom.

The Game Mechanics has generously donated a copy of all their print versions through Green Ronin, specifically:
- Modern GM Screen
- Modern Magic
- Martial Arts Mayhem
- Artifacts of the Ages: Swords and Staves
- Artifacts of the Ages: Rings

Mark Plemmons from Kenzerco has donated as one package:
Geanavue: the Stones of Peace
Salt and Sea Dogs: the Pirates of Tellene
Strength and Honor: the Mighty Hobgoblins of Tellene
Ed Bourelle from Skeleton Key Games is offering pdfs of:
10 copies of e-Adventure Tiles: Cave Details Volume 1 by Ed Bourelle
5 copies of Animal Archives 1: North American Prehistoric Animals by Jesse Mohn
5 copies of Animal Archives 2: South American Animals by Jesse Mohn
10 Copies of the forthcoming Blackdyrge’s Bestiary Volume 1 by Aeryn Rudel with art by Ed Bourelle​
Chad Justice at Mythic Dreams Studios has donated 5 copies of Spycraft: Dark Inheritance

Buy products from these publishers; we're overwhelmed by their generosity!
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First Post
I didn't give to the donation drive last year so I will this year.

$50 dollars is on its way.

And thanks to you and everyone at enworld for the great community you provide here.

Teflon Billy

Should this thread be made sticky?

I'm assembling a "master ist" of the products I intend to donate, it will be sent to Aslih2o shortly.


Teflon Billy said:
Should this thread be made sticky?

I want people to actually read it. :D It's a little known fact that sticky threads get significantly less views than non-sticky threads... but we'll peg it to the top of the forum as needed.

Thanks again for the donations, TB. We'll post details once you have them set.

Three donations so far! Totalling about $100, we're on our way.


First Post
I would love to donate, but you are doing it at a lousy part of the year. I have 3 kids to buy Christmas presents for, a birthday (daughter turning 13), and anniversary (my marriages 14th), a 10 day Christmas vacation in Sedona Arizona to fund with as much money as possible, a wedding, the extra expenses of thanksgiving, plus supporting my families various hobbies.
Not to mention presents for brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc... all between now and December 18th (my drop dead date for the vacation).

For me, fundraising would be far more convenient for me to support in the March to April time frame.


Really happy that a new server is on the horizon and totally cool with helping to fund it. $25 on way as soon as PayPal stops being broken. :)

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