New Sidequest Decks & NPC Decks Coming Soon!


Inkwell Ideas will be making more of our best-selling Sidequest & NPC Decks! A Kickstarter will launch near the end of March or early April for four new Sidequest Decks and four new NPC decks. The decks will have paired themes–one Sidequest Deck and one NPC Deck will have the same theme. We held a poll a few weeks back for which deck themes people wanted to see, and the winners were:
  • Taverns – Staff & Patrons and related quests.
  • Castles – Nobles & Staff and related quests.
  • Desert Outpost Town – We’ve done Frontier & Coastal towns in the past.
  • Mini-Lairs (working title) – Something like a deck of 5-room dungeons, but a little less structured.
For the mini-lairs theme, the matching NPC deck will feature a prominent character from the adventure. But as with all of the decks the NPC card isn’t essential to the sidequest and vice versa.

If you’re interested in the project, please follow this link and click “Notify me on launch”. If you haven't seen them before, you can get a free sample from our web store and get any of the prior decks there too!

And now for a preview of a new Mini-Lairs sidequest :
(Note because we fit this onto one side of a poker-sized card, we keep them to about 220 words.)


A wizard is grotesquely making hybrid creatures.

Getting the PCs Involved​

  • A PC’s (or friend’s) horse was kidnapped.
  • The PCs see a strange flying creature (horse/condor/lion hybrid) and guesstimate where it lands.

Encounter Key​

  1. Looks like the horse/condor/lion’s lair. It defends itself, but can be calmed if approached carefully. However, the entrance is alarmed–Lord Arkenson arrives in 1 minute. He incites the creature, casts spells from cover, then flees via the secret door.
  2. 10 creature images with colored backgrounds line the walls. Red: Horse, Navy: Troll, Blue: Bull, Purple: Lion, Yellow: Condor, Green: Bear; Pink: Spider, Orange: Drake, Brown: Snake, Lime: Scorpion. Three crystals change color if rotated. If disc nearby is pressed, a creature with head, torso, & legs matching the crystals appears. Creatures have all traits possible. (Drake head can breath, but flight depends on torso.) Arkenson runs here and summons one useful creature per round until PCs arrive. If things go bad, he’ll flee to 5 and use the scroll. Good PCs may wish to heal the creatures.
  3. Study: Books, lab equipment, potion ingredients. Notes implicate a noble in the animal abuse.
  4. Kitchen: The PCs interrupted Arkenson’s meal.
  5. Lockable door. Poison gas chest: teleport scroll.
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